Top 5 Bolt Guns For Airsoft Social Distancing Under $120

So You Want To Social Distance With a Bolt Gun…

We get it. Covid-19 is some scary stuff. When the fields re-open, you’re going to have a ton of players hitting the field, which means a target rich environment. What better way to test out sniping? Here are some of our picks to get the most mileage out of some of your stimulus dollars and hit the field with quality and style! Grab your Airsoft Guns and Your Tactical Gear and let’s get into it.


1. Well MB04G SR-22 Type 22 Bolt Action Sniper Airsoft Rifle

Our first option for the sub-$120 crowd is this Well Mb04G. It comes in several colors, so you don’t have to pick the green one, but we chose to feature green to give you some built in camouflage. This gun comes out of the box at 500 FPS, giving you field ready velocity to send rounds down range. Once you’re ready to start tinkering, it takes several different APS2 parts in the barrel and hop up area, as well as the trigger box to give you some upgrade options to make it even better.


3. Classic Army SR40 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Airsoft Rifle

The Second option is one of the best entry level sniper rifle options on the table, the Classic Army SR40. It is regularly available for under $120, sometimes as low as $75 if you can catch a good deal at Airsoft GI’s webstore. It is a mostly-VSR compatible sniper rifle, with the hop-up unit being the notorious outlier for compatibility, and some after market trigger boxes not playing nice. This is not necessarily bad though, as the hop unit itself is definitely really good, and it still takes the same pistons, springs, sears, barrels, and buckings you normally want to put in a gun. It’s lightweight, easy to customize, and shoots great out of the box!


3. Well Spec Ops MB13A APS SR-2 Bolt Action Sniper Airsoft Rifle

The 3rd gun on our list is the Well SpecOps Mb13A! This rifle appeals to the modernist in all of us that wants the features you find on the typical carbine rifle, but bolt-action for long range dominance or the simplicity of a spring system. This gun, like the previous Well rifle in this list takes APS parts as well, making it easy to upgrade. The collapsible stock makes it easy to hold for smaller shooters, Overall, this gun is an awesome option for sub-$120.


4. Well MB4403BBIP L96 Spring Sniper Airsoft Rifle

For those of you who prefer more traditional options, the Well MB4403 is the gun for you! This rifle apes the traditional shape and size of a L96 or Mk96 style rifle, giving you a thumbhole stock to rest your hand on. It actually folds as well, which is useful for storage since this rifle is quite large. A monopod in the stock allows you to really set up your shots if you are target shooting or aiming for precision trying to dial in your scope, though you won’t find much use for it in game. The magazine also uses a feed ramp to push rounds forward into the hop up, allowing you to have a more realistic size and placement of the original magazine, and an extended 40 round capacity to boot!


5. A&K Dragunov SVD-S Spring Sniper Airsoft Rifle

Last up, for our Russian kitlords, we’ve got the A&K Dragunov SVD-S. This modern day Slavic Sniper is perfect for those of you who want something simple and easy to hit the field with, but still have a unique visual style. While this gun is not very upgradeable out of the box, it is very simple and robust, and should last you quite a while. It also gets the distinction for being the most unique rifle on this list. You can’t beat that for under $120!

What To Do If You’re An Airsofter In Quarantine

All By Yourself…. In Quarantine…

The world is certainly a different place today than it was this time last year. With the outbreak of COVID-19, many airsofters around the country are stuck at home without a field to play at or events to attend. It certainly sounds like a grim time to be involved in the hobby, but fear not, because we have a few things you can do with your airsoft guns while you wait for fields to reopen!


1. Clean your guns!

We’re all guilty of neglecting our blasters after a long day of airsoft play. Your barrel needs to be cleaned, admit it.


Load up on some silicone oil, put on the Barry White, and give your barrel a good scrubbing to get all the dust out from your last game. While your at it, clean your receiver, your stock, wipe down your tactical gear too. It’s not like you’ve got a game to get to this weekend.


2. Finish Up  Your Tech Projects

Along the same lines of keeping your guns clean, now is the best time to start working on your guns that need some TLC on the inside.

Order those parts you have been putting off ordering, fire up the youtube tutorials, and start turning wrenches!

When you’ve got the time to dedicate to learning the craft, teching on your airsoft guns isn’t as hard or daunting a task as it seems. Whether you need to change your spring or a hop up, there’s never been a better time than now to learn!


3. Finish Your Loadout

We all have kit dreams we wish we had the time and money to build! If you’re lucky enough to still be working, now is the best time to order those pouches or that vest you’ve been wanting to try, and get it just perfect before you hit the field.

Whether you are trying to finish that spicy impression kit with a new chest rig, or bulk up your loadout with some more storage from a handy back pack, we’ve got tons of options available in our tactical gear section to suit your needs.

Throw on Netflix, and start weaving those MOLLE straps!


Just Because You Can’t Play, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Hobby

The best part about a hobby like airsoft is there are tons of ways to interact with it even when you can’t play. There are so many aspects you can work on from home that you can still participate without getting to a game.


If you need to order any items to complete your quarantine airsoft projects, we’ve got you covered at Airsoft GI. We’re even giving free shipping out with applicable orders, so act fast and get the things you need to keep the hobby game strong!

Your Next Must Play Event Is Here! BB Wars Operation Dragon Lance

Looking For Your Next Big Event Fix?

Fire up your airsoft guns and strap on your tactical gear! BB Wars is coming back to D14 Airsoft!

We’ve got a whole new slate of awesome scenarios for you this time around, bringing back some fan favorites and mixing it up with new mechanics, new scenarios and exciting twists to keep the action fresh and exciting!

The game goes down May 31st at D14 Airsoft, and you can score your tickets right HERE.


What Is BB Wars Operation Dragon Lance?

Curious what the story line is for this new BB Wars event?


After a crushing stalemate at the hands of the triple agent Commander Blackbird, the Imperial Legion under the command of Darth Cisco is itching for a fight to regain their lost honor. Looking to a successful imperial operation during Operation Dragon’s Nest, the Imperial Legion is preparing to make a stealth incursion into the Delta 14 sector once again to root out the resistance and crush it for good.


Darth Cisco barely escaped capture and interrogation last time he did battle with Commander Blackbird, how will the Imperial legion fail trying to recreate the historic victory of years past?



At this event, you can expect milsim-style objective oriented gameplay, without any of the seriousness of a MILSIM Game. There is something here for everyone, whether it is straight up BB Slinging or escortiving VIPs, capturing buildings, or sneaking explosives into the enemy base!


Get Ready For Ultimate BB Action!

If you need tickets, you can snag yours right now from Airsoft GI by clicking RIGHT HERE.

We’ll be waiting for you on the field!

Airsoft Player Spotlight – Matt from Black Wolf Videos

Shooting Cameras AND Airsoft Rifles

We’re back again with another player spotlight here on the GITV Blog! This week, we are highlighting one of the local videophiles of the D14 Airsoft field, Matt from Black Wolf Videos. He runs a small youtube channel documenting the airsoft adventures of players at fields like D14, but is also an avid player himself often stepping from behind the camera to behind a rifle to join the fight! He is a photographer by trade, who you can follow at @matte_black_photo_and_film on Instagram, which gives him an eye for the action on the field. Let’s see what makes Matt excited to hit the airsoft field, and learn a little bit more about a member of the Airsoft Community.


What’s Your Loadout, Matt?

Matt is definitely a fan of direct-action style kits. He is often found in a minimalist plate carrier and battle belt with a trusty midsize carbine for his airsoft gun. His current favorites are:

For Camera Gear, Matt can be found behind the lens of his trusty Sony DSLR, which he uses to photograph and film many games at D14, including our own BB Wars events in Texas.


Do you have a team, Matt?

Matt doesn’t run with any affiliated airsoft team. As his youtube channel name suggests, he is a lone-wolf on the field, filling in the gaps wherever needed and moving on to the next objective. You can often find Matt in the middle of the fighting, barking orders and calling out positions to help his team get the advantage. After 12 years of running around the local fields, he’s found his place as a gun-for-hire who goes where he’s needed on the field to help everyone else out.

Where do you like to play, Matt?

Matt says his preferred field is D14 Airsoft, both due to location and how well he knows it as a player, it makes it easier to get to where the action is when you understand the flow of battle. His favorite game types lean towards the MILSIM side of the equation, with anything that utilizes D14’s intricate bomb props being his favorite game types. Objective based games are his preference for both gameplay and film, because they flow like a narrative and make for captivating gameplay and video.


Would You Like to Be Featured?

Matt’s Echo 1 Wolfsbane, Photo Credit: Black Wolf Videos

Hit us up via social media, in store, or in person and let us know! We’d love to feature more members of the amazing Airsoft community in the United States and abroad to showcase the real players hitting the fields and arenas of the world and slinging plastic!


Follow us on Social Media at our Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube pages for more content.

If you’d like to keep up with Black Wolf Videos, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram as well! They post regular gun reviews, gameplay, and entertaining skits to keep your airsoft needs satiated!




Airsoft Player Spotlight – Andre the “Doc”


Why Do They Call Him “The Doc”?

We’re starting up a new series here on the GITV Blog where we highlight the local players in our stores. This week, we’re showcasing one of the regulars at D14 Airsoft, Andre, AKA Doc. We’ll be taking a look at his guns, gear, and favorite play styles to give you an insight into how other airsofters like to run their local fields! Let’s take a deep dive into the Doc and see what he’s all about.


First Up: The Guns.

Doc’s first gun of choice is the Classic Army Nemesis MK18. Doc’s choice of rifle is perfect for room clearing, mid range play, and fast trigger response. While he was primarily running the Elite Force 416A5 before he made the switch, Doc ultimately chose to swap to the Mk18 for weight and handguard size reasons.

“It allows me to sprint from gunfight to gunfight and take my role as pointman to the next level” Doc says about his preferred blaster. Lightweight is 100% the name of his game as the first guy into the fight and one of the last to leave.

In addition to the Classic Army Mk18, Andre also prefers to run Glock style sidearms. His preferred option is the Elite Force Glock 19x, but also has a Glock 17 he can switch out on occasion when he wants the other color or a longer barrel. When Doc wants to get Cheeki and/or Breeki, he also has an LCT AK102 as well.


How do you carry all of that Kit, Doc?

Doc’s gear is all designed around suiting his role on the field as his team’s “pointman”. Via sheer force of athleticism, Doc takes the fight to the other team. Their favorite way to manuever on the field is as a flanking force, catching the enemy off guard during MILSIM events.

To support that role, Doc keeps his kit lightweight, with a Emerson Low Profile chest rig up top, sometimes connected to a hydration pack for storage of water and other essentials like extra ammo. On his belt, he runs a High Speed Gear suregrip belt, with a GLS-style holster for his Glocks, and an assortment of general purpose and magazine pouches so that he can function even without a plate carrier or chest rig. His preferred camouflage of choice is ATACS-FG, because it fits the greenery in and around his home field of D14.

For headgear, Andre prefers the comfort and simplicity of a ball cap with a set of Opsmen Earmor M32’s for comms gear. Rather than extend his silhouette and trap heat, the ballcap allows him to stay cool and keep moving without getting exhausted unnecessarily.


So How Do You Like To Play, Doc?

Doc’s favorite game type is “Convoy” up at D14 Airsoft. This game type allows him and his team to effect large flanking manuevers, engage in some stealthier gameplay and do more than just pull triggers all day. Through a mix of violence of action and quality kit and tactics, Doc is always ready to lead his squad to a victorious charge. MILSIM game types also tend to be this player’s favorite. When asked about SpeedQB and indoor “Nah fam, keep that away from me, MILSIM is life” is his reply.

We asked Doc why he enjoys MILSIM so much over more athletic styles, since he is clearly an athletic player himself, and to him it comes down to the camaraderie on the field that you receive and the game length.

“Speedqb is too short. The games are over too quick for you to form those lasting bonds with other players. It may be some peoples flavor, but I like the big squad tactics moments you get from MILSIM, I like the simulation and engaging in the immersion. It’s about more than just winning for me.” He says of his preferred gameplay style.


That’s All Folks!

Doc is one of the most active regular players at D14 Airsoft, and you can find him out there nearly every saturday. If you ever want to get in with a good squad to do more than bunch up behind a conex container and pull triggers, he’s the guy to tag along with.

If you want any of the gear you’ve seen in these photos, you can find all of this and tons more at Airsoft GI, where you can make use of the Wombo Combo to score free shipping, get rewards points, and stack this with a number of great coupon codes for extra savings!

By the way, we asked Doc what his favorite coupon code on Airsoft GI was, he said “Dave”. So try that out and see what it gets you!