A&K SVD upgrade technical questions....

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A&K SVD upgrade technical questions....

Postby Wolfbane » Mon Jan 26, 2015 11:05 am

I am planning to upgrade my A&K (springer) SVD and I have been asking questions and looking into parts that will make my gun more consistent and accurate. I have found readily available, cost effective parts that have come with some recommendations from those who sell parts and have (supposed) SVD knowledge. I am wondering if I have made an error in which parts, part specifics, brands or if I am missing a part that would be of assistance. Here's the list:

PPS SVD Steel Piston Catch
PPS SVD Hopup Chamber
PPS Spring SVD High Power Piston
PDI 170% AEG Spring
Marui Hop up bucking
AIM CNC X-Large Bolt Handle


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