tight bore barrel experiment

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tight bore barrel experiment

Postby tsabiston » Sat Feb 07, 2015 2:53 pm

I recently ran an experiment with a raptors airsoft tight bore barrel vs a stock barrel. Both barrels are 275mm in length. The tight bore barrel is a 6.02mm. I cleaned and dried each barrel with alcohol. I then placed a bb in the end of each barrel (opposite the hop up end) and sealed the ends with my fingers. I flipped the barrels over at the same time and waited for the bbs to come out. I assumed the tight bore barrel would take longer to drop the bb. This was not the case and the period of time between the two barrels of which the bb dropped was not even close. The tight bore barrel drops the bb much sooner everytime. Does anyone have another explanation of why this would happen? Parts quality maybe?

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