General Upgrade FAQ

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General Upgrade FAQ

Postby cat61986 » Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:41 pm

(taken from the ASGI website)


What upgrades can I do to a spring gun?

Most spring guns don’t have any upgrades available mostly due to being too low end.

What upgrades can I do to a gas gun?

Usually you can get metal slides, upgrade the valve on your magazine (hi-flow valve), upgrade the recoil spring to get a stronger kick out of your gun, and extended magazines (usually for the Glock series).

What upgrades can I do to an AEG?

There are numerous upgrades available for the various AEG’s on the market. However, there are some low-end airsoft guns that you are unable to upgrade such as UTG, CYMA, Well, etc. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can upgrade the gears, the spring, the piston, piston head, and so on to increase the rate of fire, the reliability, and the velocity of your BB’s for your airsoft AEG. Some guns have limitations on what you can upgrade due to battery capacity, barrel length, and gearbox size. We do offer upgrade services and packages on our Upgrade Service link on our web page.
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Re: General Upgrade FAQ

Postby Jonas » Sun Sep 19, 2010 1:21 pm

I don't think it's fair to spring guns (snipers and shotguns primarily) to generalize ALL spring guns as low quality. Many spring snipers such as L96 and Bar10 have numerous upgrades available as far as trigger mechs, springs, barrels, and cylinders go.
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Re: General Upgrade FAQ

Postby faden » Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:41 pm

Sorry at the time of the writing (2008) the demand for springers were mostly for low quality springer pistols and low end sniper rifles. There were still higher-end rifles at the time like Tanaka and Maruzen but people did not have a high demand for them. They still don't. But mid-quality ones are out now that are on another level compared to what existed 2-4 years ago and most as you said have their own or can use parts compatible from the higher level brands.

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