Echo 1 Full Metal RED STAR AK Covert

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Echo 1 Full Metal RED STAR AK Covert

Postby Alexp08 » Sat May 30, 2015 10:51 am

Has anyone bought this gun from airsoftgi? I just did and ive been looking at reviews and specs on the gun and im seeing alot of conflicting data between what ASGI provides and other reputable sites.

For instance. ASGI states that this gun shoots between 380-400fps, echo1 themselves state 420, while evike did a review through a chrono and they say its shooting 440.
ASGI states that this gun has 6mm bushings while echo1 and many other sites state it has 7mm bushings.
ASGI states that the piston body is plastic while echo1 states its polycarb (now i realize that polycarb is a type of plastic but i would assume that ASGI would not this in the specs as the gun considering there is a considerable strength difference).
Lastly i noticed that echo1 states it is lipo ready and comes with a m120 spring while ASGI does not state this anywhere on there tech specs for the gun. I think thats a big selling point.

Basically Im wondering if ASGI dumbs down the gun before shipping it out. If anyone can comment on this that would be great.

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