Hello fellow Airsofters!

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Hello fellow Airsofters!

Postby ThroughBigFoot » Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:16 pm

Hello everybody, my name is Trevor and I reside in a little place I like to call "Frozen Hell" or Roseau MN. I'm 17 years of age and I plan on joining the Marine Corps and making it my job for a very long time. Back to Airsoft.
I've been playing Airsoft for just over three years now in my neighbors woods and another friends back yard.
I have two guns (getting a third out of this new mystery box) one SR-25 which I love and A Steyr AUG (this was my first gun, I love it, but I need to get it fixed). This is my Major Hobby, my friends and I want to make Airsoft a much bigger deal up here than it is because we only have 15 people total and over half of them have to barrow guns off of four other guys inluding myself. If there are any Airsofters in the area, email me. My friends and I would love to have some more people to airsoft with.

Thanks to anyone who reads this thread and bigger thanks to anyone who posts on here.

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