Howdy from the DMV. :)

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Howdy from the DMV. :)

Postby Krysisbane » Tue Dec 02, 2014 4:40 pm

Hey y'all. Daniel here... Or Krysis if you prefer. I do. :) by the by.. Its crisis... But yeah. Anyway... Been around the Maryland area for most of my life. Just starting to get into the airsoft scene for a second with a somewhat decent weapon this time. Purchasing an Echo 1 AK700 here in a week or two. Just trying to feel out the crowd here in Maryland. I mostly tool around in the backyard plucking beer cans when they arent swayin'.. But I think i might like to try my hand at CQB, if not, I k ow i enjoy field play for a fact. And now I'm ramblin'.. Any questions or comments shoot 'em my way. Kry Out.

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