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Posted: Sat Aug 02, 2008 5:48 pm
by KiloBravo
Well, I finally got down to browsing the online store for parts, and I see that you all moved here :D anyway here's the boring part of this intro : Been interested in Airsoft since 1984, first time out on a field op was not until 1986, stopped actively collecting around 1992 to 2003, been back on and off since then, it's a strange journey, airsoft is my mistress ( and what a wanton wench she is sometimes even occupying my weekends or in this case my late night weekends ) The Current Selection I have now is nothing spectacular and is as follows :

-A&K AK47 ( what got me back in the field after a long time away, like the real steel it just keeps on going ! )
-A&K S System ( 1 normal with RIS M203 , 1 Shortened Barrel to Commando length both with CA SP120 Springs )
-ICS CAR 97 version 3 ( stock 2 piece mechbox )
-1st Gen SRC M4 ( Shrike Conversion + Hurricane Internals + custom metal box mag , came with a pelican type case for 200 bucks ! )
-UTG Mk96 ( Stock , with a Mil Dot 16X Scope tasco / illuminated red green thingy, practically unused except for chasing away squirrels & rats )
-CA M15A4 SPC W/ CA M203 ( SP 140 Spring and Reinforced gearbox , comes standard with CA's legendary faulty connectors & wiring )
-TM MP5SD6 ( Original, right down to the defective selector switch )
-Galaxy MP5K Type 4
-CA M249 Para ( Custom Gel Cell Battery in box mag )

-KJW M9 version 1 ( probably one of the best recoils i've had on a GBB )
-KJW m9 version 3 ( significantly reduced recoil for better gas consumption , bleh )
-KJW m1911 version 1 ( loud, beat up old gun )
-WE high capa version 1 ( broke after 2 years of near everyday use )
-WE m1911 "tactical" ( survived a 3rd story drop from a game site )
-HFC P-229 ( ABS plastic GBB, not bad, was lost in a pond, was found 3 months later after 3rd game )
-KWC Steve Nastoff/Springfield Armory Full Trade Full Metal Spring M1911-A1 Single Port Comp ( fave )
-Walther P-99 Full Trade GBB ( good, pistol, ABS , couldnt find spare mag for it )
-KHC Smith & Wesson M239 Full Trade Revolver ( childhood benchmark for Gas guns, shot myself in the hand to 'test' velocity back in 1991, blame lack of chrony )
-KWC S&W M4506 NBB ( first gas 'auto pistol' for me )

i've got a few spring powered shotguns stashed in the 'toy cabinet' from various importers like TSD, & UTG, Echo -1

well that's all i got, nothing spectacular ( and yes I my favorite is the spring pistol with more details than today's GBBs, like the pachmayr grips, thumb guard, and magwell extension, things you dont find nowadays as standard inbox goodies )


Re: Kilo

Posted: Sun Aug 03, 2008 2:12 am
by cat61986
hi kilo, we've missed you =)

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Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:55 am
by KiloBravo
After 20 years of service, I'm free .... to do nothing but chairsoft and get fat ... :shock:

what madness is this ? Co2 grenades, and GBBRs , so much has changed !

Re: Kilo

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2013 9:55 am
by Airsoft Gi Darren
Airsoft has evolved quite a bit in the last four years.