Schrade Cutlery?

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Schrade Cutlery?

Postby Buckshot » Sat Jun 18, 2011 4:18 pm


I just got back from camp. At camp, a knife is a godlike tool and while I was packing, I found a "Schrade Cutlery Super Sharp SX4B" I remembered that I bought that back when I was like 6 and I saved up for a year and a half for it because it costed $70 at Big 5. (back when I lived in CA) I decided to bring it instead of my Spyderco because I never really got the chance to use it back when I was little. I was so surprised of how amazing it was it's 7 years old and it's neck and neck in the race with the Spyderco for my SEDC. It kept its edge amazingly well and it only weighs like a pound (inb4twss). The pocket clip is also amazing amazingly stiff (inb4quoteoutofcontext) and latched onto my pocket like a boss. I'm really tired and lazy because I just got back into society after 6 days and I'm wondering if anyone has heard of them and if they are all as good as the SX4B...
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