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Postby Hypnotoad » Mon May 31, 2010 1:22 pm

Hello everyone, my names Hypnotoad. Can you tell who I really am? Think long. Think hard. It should be very easy to figure out. And several people already know, either because I told them, or because my name is all they needed to know. Perhaps they will come forward and let the feline pest out of the brown colored paper containment, maybe I will just tell you.
But I\'m here. You don\'t need to know the details of who I am. In fact, they are already nestled deep within this forum, long since forgotten. Before you ask, no, I\'m not here to start again. Think of me as an alumni. I have graduated you see. But in the process, I have been wrong.
Can you guess who I am? Come now, it should be simple. I go by other names, Delrave, Vegas, but one name stood out above them all. Do you know what it was.


Yes. I am back. But only to say this. What was my graduation, was robbed from me. rather then moved, my graduation was deleted. Whereas others were simply moved, my graduation was removed completely. And for that, I will leave my mark on you, AirsoftgiF. No, I do not hate Airsoftgi, or the forum. It was just my time to go. Metacamz had become a graduation thing, much like a senior prank. But whereas other people can look at other alumni, and see what was their graduation, my graduation was removed. People will look at me, only as a name, and none of these past years and hours spent on here will be remembered. Only three letters. SPC.

But I do not seek another graduation. I do not seek another account here. Only the means to convey my message, and my reminder, to take the place of what was mine. I may be banned, each and every time, but I can always come back, just as I have now, just as I will then, and forever more, until I am remembered. You will remember me. SPC, you will remember. An Alumni. SPC.

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