What would you say to someone who has...

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Re: What would you say to someone who has...

Postby elGuapo » Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:09 pm

$10 an hour for minimum wage? Are we going through an inflation crisis? Last time I had a job minimum wage was about $8-$8.25?
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Re: What would you say to someone who has...

Postby bishopMP » Thu Jun 02, 2011 7:37 am

$10/hr, 40hrs a week, and depending on local/state taxes...you will be lucky to bring home $500 every two weeks.

Still waiting for this mystery place of employment that allows 16 going on 17 (or is it 18 like your profile says?) to make such money.

This kid is either seriously disillusioned, or seriously trollin....its not even in the correct section.
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Re: What would you say to someone who has...

Postby cat61986 » Thu Jun 02, 2011 9:42 am

I find it interesting that EVERYONE who has posted on this thread has been 100% against it. Not willing to take a 7-page hint?

Alright, let's begin with minimum wage. Buddy, you're 16 (or 18) depending on whatever lie you're telling us/posting on your profile. You have no experience, no skills, no credentials, no certifications, nothing to really make your already non-existent resume look like anything impressive. The federal minimum wage is $7.25. And, depending on where you're living, the state minimum wage can actually be as low as $5.15, or as high as $8.50. Where do you live, again? From what I was looking through, it seems that you live in Vegas? Just let me know if I'm right or wrong about that, since I have a whole other argument about that.

What are your sources about minimum wage increasing to $10? Are you even paying attention to school, to the news, or to the general economy on how the U.S. is in debt, that there are SOME job growth, but not much, and that businesses aren't happy with the new imposing tax/hiring laws and such? I decided to try searching for some new info on this $10 U.S. minimum wage. Guess what I found? Practically nothing. The fight for the $10 minimum wage has been going on through 2008. And it's not even really a fight. More like a, "hey government, if you can do this, it'd be cool. kkthxbai." The most recent source that I could find that was actually LEGIT was this one: http://www.suntimes.com/business/375930 ... -bill.html . But, when considering the Senate and our government laws, it's pretty likely it WON'T go through. Besides, if it was, there would be so much more publicity going on with this.

HOWEVER, if you are somehow living in Canada, SPECIFICALLY IN NEW BRUNSWICK, where the minimum wage is set to be at $10 in September, then I apologize for these rants. But, I'm pretty sure that you're not living there since their laws with airsoft is pretty strict, and you likely wouldn't get that many airsoft guns through border control. But, considering the inflated airsoft prices up there, then, yeah, you'd probably hit a $20,000 bill sooner or later.

Oh, by the way, since you're under 18 (pretty sure about this), you could, by law, be paid less than minimum wage based on your age. It mainly has something to do with experience and education.

Okay, let's go with the salaries you provided about your mom and pop. Now, I have tons of respect for truck drivers. They have to change somewhere between 9 to 18 gears, they have to deal with crazy drivers who most can't even drive, and they also have to deal with long periods of boredom, driving, and slack from people who don't realize how important it is for us to have truck drivers. But the national average salary for truck drivers is between $33,000 and $43,000 (http://www1.salary.com/truck-driver-Salary.html). If we had to do the SPECIFIC driving occupation, average might be around $50,000 (http://www.indeed.com/salary/Truck-Driver.html). You sure your estimation about your dad's salary is even close to what he makes?

As for your mom, what does she do that's $30 an hour?

As for your friend that works as an "Assistant Manager at Best Buy", you're telling me that she's been working there for ONLY a MONTH AND A HALF, with NO experience, no high school diploma or GED, and has somehow been promoted to an assistant manager? Is she even going to school? Because, if you calculate everything up, that's definitely less than 40 grand a year, including whatever benefits Worst Buy gives to their employees.

Let's move on to my next rant. Why do you need to constantly emphasize the no education part? Are you trying to say that there's NO point in people getting a college degree because you can get awesome jobs with awesome salaries without it? You trying to bash those who HAVE college degrees after working their butts off with loans and financial aid? Are you planning to go to college or not? Because, I agree with bishop and I REALLY wonder on what you plan to do in the future. Are you going to try and rely on your parents for the rest of your life for food and shelter instead of fending for yourself? Are you even planning to go to college? Seems like you don't know the meaning of delayed gratification and want everything now now now. You know what I wanted when I was between 16-18? Books. Lots of books. I wanted my own personal library. At least books can be pretty educational and can benefit my SAT/GRE scores in the long run. But airsoft guns? Like everyone else has already said, it's a hobby. Airsoft is not something you would plop 25 grand on. Real steel on the other hand...

Little advice for you: leave your hearsay out of ANY arguments you have on this forum, because we are about SUPPORTING your FACTS. Also, since we're talking about lots of money, why don't you go and put some of that money to people who ACTUALLY need it. I'm going to assume that you probably don't live near the Mid-East/East Coast, where the tornadoes have been hitting. Because if you did, you'd be changing your tune a bit more about money. Japan is still reeling from the tsunami; I'm sure they need some money. There are foundations out there that are trying to find some sort of solution to dealing with cancer. Pretty sure that some of your family members or friends would love it if they would be rid of their cancer or other diseases they have. Or how about taking in a foster child, since you're saying your parents have tons of money.

Honestly, you'll probably regret this decision for the rest of your life, especially when you get bored of airsoft, or realize that you don't have the room for any of it. You might regret it even more when you become unable to even sell most of those items. Everything depreciates in value; airsoft is no exception.
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Re: What would you say to someone who has...

Postby faden » Thu Jun 02, 2011 10:01 am

Cat, Bishop, everyone else covered EVERYTHING there is for a stupid stupid child.

Stupid or not I vote Troll.

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