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Official Press Response from Airsoft GI on CA SB798

Posted: Tue May 03, 2011 8:19 pm
by teambutterfield

Re: Official Press Response from Airsoft GI on CA SB798

Posted: Wed May 04, 2011 7:30 pm
by AirsoftCorps

Join the discussion on live internet radio, 5pm central time (3pm Pacific time) Saturday, May 7th. Join your hosts, Airsoft Outlaws 1/21 Battalion Executive Officer Aaron Howard (Copper), former 82nd Airborne Paratrooper Mike Arnold (Hathcock), and former Army Special Forces sniper Shane Vanaman (Bushman).

This issue affects us all. Let's talk about it on the Voice of Airsoft, AIRSOFT CORPS.

Additionally, our local team, the Airsoft Outlaws submitted a written response as well as an invitation to address the issue during the next live broadcast of Airsoft Corps, the Voice of Airsoft. We'll see....I am thinking he probably won't call to talk with a bunch of airsofters about wanting to color their airsoft guns like Skittles. I guess that could lead to some funny war cries - "TASTE THE RAINBOW, SUCKA'!!!!....Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

The text of our response follows:

Senator de Leon:

The Members of the Airsoft Outlaws, an Arkansas based Airsoft MilSim Group, are writing to voice our opposition to SB 798. Although this bill does not directly involve our state, it does affect the entire airsoft community. Our team’s collective experience encompasses Special Forces military as well as law enforcement. It is this experience we draw on to contend this bill will in fact put children, civilians, and police officers at greater risk. We further assert it will hinder police officers in distinguishing between real and replica firearms, and exacerbate the difficulties they already face.

Airsoft devices have the external features of a firearm, but are entirely unsuited for conversion into a real firearm. Airsoft devices are not toys, and those sold in the U.S. already require a permanently affixed orange muzzle tip. For their own safety, police officers work under the assumption that, until proven otherwise, any brandished orange tipped gun may be a real firearm. Logically, it follows that police officers will begin to assume any gun-shaped object may be a real firearm, regardless of it being partially or completely covered in a bright color. Criminals could benefit by disguising real firearms as toys, thereby potentially causing a hesitation of the officer to react to the disguised threat, placing the officer in danger.

Airsoft devices are not intended for use by unsupervised minors. To color an airsoft device similar to a toy gun would also be detrimental to the personal safety of children. The bright coloration could cause a child to assume an airsoft device is harmless, when they actually do pose a serious threat to unprotected eyes.

Solutions to issues dealing with mishandling of airsoft devices do need to be discussed, and it is our firm stance SB 798 is not a solution. A true solution would not burden those that seek to use their airsoft device responsibly. Despite responsible use, and requirements of the current laws, there is still a minority of people, primarily minors, who have access to an airsoft device and choose to use it irresponsibly, even dangerously. It stands to reason, a true solution would address these problem individuals. The United Kingdom has enacted legislation such as the Crime and Disorder Act, the Child Protection Order, and the Firearms Acts. Although airsoft devices fall below the present licensing regime, the Firearms Acts contain a package of statutory controls intended to prevent their misuse. If these laws are violated, the violation will carry a stiff penalty* including fines and/or imprisonment.

CA 798 will only punish the responsible airsoft player, place minors at undue risk, and hinder the efforts of law enforcement. Instead, lay the blame at the source and enact legislation that will provide consequences for those that act outside the scope of reasonable and responsible airsoft device ownership.

* http://www.parliament.the-stationery-of ... 5/9508.htm

Re: Official Press Response from Airsoft GI on CA SB798

Posted: Wed May 04, 2011 10:23 pm
by oofat
This is the letter modified to send out to your local district senators.



Subject: California Senate Bill 798 / 2011

Dear Sir:

Please support the WITHDRAW SB 798, the bill proposed by Senator De Leon. It has the potential of causing all airsoft guns to be colored blaze red, bright blue, bright green, or clear. These are the same colors currently required for toy guns in California, and will have the effect of causing people to believe these are toys. Airsoft guns are not toys, and should not give the impression by their color that they are. If they are the same colors as toys, parents will be less likely to supervise their use, and children less likely to use the correct safety precautions that they normally would with using an orange tipped airsoft gun in black. This bill will cause MORE injuries and potential harm than the current law and federal regulations for imitation firearms. Please leave the current regulations as they are. Airsoft has had a remarkably safe history. Please do not change this good record now by pushing a bill which was considered 6 years ago, and rejected by the Attorney General of California for the above reason. Please encourage Senator De Leon to retract the bill.


Re: Official Press Response from Airsoft GI on CA SB798

Posted: Thu May 05, 2011 12:58 pm
by teambutterfield
We know everyone including Airsoft GI have been repeating on this SB798 issue and some of you are tired of seeing this. However, we as Airsoft Players will not tire, we will not falter and we will not fail on opposing CA SB798. If you are near our Walnut CA store, come in and fill out the petition letter. We will mail it in for you.

Re: Official Press Response from Airsoft GI on CA SB798

Posted: Thu May 05, 2011 4:09 pm
by HolyHandGrenade
I'm glad to see it being posted multiple times, bothers me when people act nonchalant about it. This is a HUGE deal. For both airsoft and the well-being of California police officers.

Re: Official Press Response from Airsoft GI on CA SB798

Posted: Sat May 07, 2011 10:29 pm
by SamFisher
From what I understand as of now (5/8/2011) the bill is scheduled to be heard before the California State Senate Appropriations Committee. Concentrate your efforts on the members of that committee and urge them to vote NO to any funding of this bill. Any bill must not only be passed into law, but have funding for its enforcement since it will take a State bureaucracy to enforce it.

Here are some points you can bring up as to why SB 798 should not become law:

A. California has a current State debt of more than $369 Billion Dollars and counting. Enforcement of this bill will cost the tax payers of California additional tax dollars including local counties who will see increased burdens placed on court dockets and almost certainly on county jails when those fined are unable to pay their fines.

B. California has the second highest unemployment rate in the United States of America at 12% as of March 2011. SB 798 will make it impossible for airsoft distributors and retailers to sell airsoft toys to the other 49 states that have no such restrictions. As a consequence distributors and retailers will be forced to either re-locate to another state or close leaving many of their employees without employment and without income meaning less tax revenue. In addition, there will be less collected in sales tax from the in-state purchases of the airsoft toys. Although not significantly damaging, the bill will also harm the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach the primary point of importation entry for airsoft toys. Local UPS and FED Ex operations will also be harmed.

C. California is in the middle of a nation wide housing slump. New home construction has declined significantly and the fields and buildings currently owned or leased by Airsoft fields will likely see a significant decline in business. Such issues could lead to foreclosed land or vaccant properties leaving local communities without much need property and business taxes.

D. SB 798 will cause law enforcement to spend additional time arresting and filing reports on toy guns. Toy guns will occupy an increasing number of hours that would be MUCH better allocated going toward enforcing existing laws related to crime and public safety.

E. Airsoft is a hobby enjoyed by California residents in large numbers. It involves team work, accountability, and physical fitness outdoors using biodegrable BBs. In a State gripped by an obesity epidemic it isn't wise to harm such a beloved outdoor recreational activity. This bill could have the effect of pushing young men and women who would otherwise be outdoors enjoying a team sport indoors to play video games and watch tv. Thereby increasing the amount of energy consumed in the State of California at greater strain on public utilities and increasing the amount of carbon emmissions that are said to contribute to global warming. Furthermore, less outdoor physical activity will translate into more cases of obesity and increased strain on the State's medical health system.

F. Airsoft has been an incredibly uniting force around the world. Increasingly airsoft event are becoming international in attendance and it is a hobby enjoyed in nearly every nation with friendships and bonds established between players and teams around the globe. California has been and is the heart of airsoft in the United States of America, SB 798 will harm the sport not only in California, but throughout the USA. The profits that largely Asian companies generate help developing nations with good paying jobs that literally puts food on the table for many families. The passage of SB 798 would harm all of that and to what end?

G. Most importantly SB 798 will only impact law abiding citizens. Those criminals intent on carrying out misdemeanor and felonies will not be deterred by a fine and a can of black spray paint is very cheap. Criminals for centuries have fashioned immitation firearms using everything from steel to soap. Deliquent children who would point airsoft toys at police officers are likely to be deliquent enough to spray paint them as well. This bill will accomplish nothing beyond a brief moment of false satisfaction. Its passage for its proponents will be a purely punic victory.

Re: Official Press Response from Airsoft GI on CA SB798

Posted: Mon May 09, 2011 11:48 pm
by XxUnchainedxX
I am fairly new to the Airsoft community and haven't really had any experience in official CQB, or sponsored events; however, even I realize what a detriment to Airsoft this law would be. Since I believe that it doesn't require just voices, but monetary means, is there an organization that I could donate to that might help in the removal of this bill? This doesn't just cause a bunch of issues for responsible airsofters, but sets a dangerous precendence for anyone who likes the responsible use of replicas of anything that could in some miniscule way be used to endanger the public. Potentially, this law could infringe on constitutional rights. I am all for helping, but I think that in todays political climate (especially that of California, my home state) it requires lobbyist-like activity and other such resources that need money.

Re: Official Press Response from Airsoft GI on CA SB798

Posted: Mon May 09, 2011 11:54 pm
by AgentJ
As far as a big group to donate to, I would say the NRA. They are heading the opposition of this bill as the big name.

Re: Official Press Response from Airsoft GI on CA SB798

Posted: Tue May 10, 2011 2:43 pm
by iAerials
The biggest effect this bill could have is the crime rate. I honestly think that with airsoft guns painted a bright color someone could paint a real steel gun the same bright color. Hence one could essentially take a real gun out in public without any response from police.

Re: Official Press Response from Airsoft GI on CA SB798

Posted: Tue May 10, 2011 6:05 pm
by bishopMP
My sources are saying this bill passed. :evil: