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Everyone MUST read: The Constitution

Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 7:56 am
by faden
Here are examples of behavior and conduct in this post and this should be read by EVERYONE, so that veteran users can teach the newbies the ropes. This thread is also aimed so that veterans do not need to repeat rules and conduct, they just need to link this thread. As the rules and examples of conduct are laid out here, people will not need to repeat or explain an offense.

Any posts (or repeated posts) that break these rules will be relocated to Prison and the offending user will be warned or banned for repeat offenses.

Here we go:

1. NO spam, no useless quote threads, and no having an annoying posting style (i.e. hyper fangirl; illiterate moron; etc.). You will be given time length ban

Please do not write in ALL CAPS, 1337, WieRd TyPing, or Colorful typing. It is hard on everyone else's eyes. No matter how proud of yourself you are about being able to make your post artsy, we don't want or need it. While we are not asking for everyone to write in college format MLA/APA, we are asking that you at least spell check your posts and keep abbreviations and uncommon acronyms to a low


I'm quite sure this speaks for itself, while there has been foul play in the past, even with the admins. We try to stay on topic and if there is a thread derailing the topic will be either deleted or cut.

1.2. Anything else, real steel, pics of your new car, whatnot should be placed in the 'Other Off Topic' sub forum.

Please keep in mind that this IS an airsoft forum. Even as it is affiliated with Airsoft GI, topics do not need to be related to it. But for all other posts about your real guns, your car, your games that you "pwn" everyone at, please keep it to the "Other Off Topic" forum.

2. No posting of porn, nasty stuff, weird things, this should be a civilized airsoft forum, not an off topic forum.

This is a standard rule for most forums while this is the "internets" and children can see some crazy stuff, they don't need to see it here. Gun, knife, car porn does not apply but that doesn't count. :)

3. Avatars can be 140x140 pixels. Sigs can be up to 600 pixels wide by 120 pixels high (but not vice versa!), plus up to seven lines of text. If you decide to do all text, every additional text past the allowed seven lines is an extra 20 pixels in height. Anything over the criteria of 7 lines per text plus 120 pixels in height is not allowed. For example, an all-text signature could only have 13 lines of text and nothing more. Any avatars or sigs too large will be taken down with no warning.

140x140 is not too big, but plenty for a nice little avatar for yourself. Anything larger will be taken down, done deal. Same rules with signatures: if your signature is giant the admins and mods will take it down and give u a custom signature you probably won't like.

4. Questions and custom titles can be posted/requested in this announcements sub forum or by private messaging me or cat61986.

If you have any forum questions or you want a custom title or you question why you received a certain title ex. "Forum Newb," PM either me (albazero) or cat61986. Please do not make a thread just to talk to us. We like the honor, but the forum doesn't need it. :edit: Because of certain events I will have to stress that custom titles can be requested but must be EARNED, if you are a newbie or are just harassing the admins for a title you will get a title you don't want.

5. Have fun and keep the off topic-ness and /b/ (randomness) to its respectable sub forum.

The obvious speaks again. Please watch where you post things. Not to mention any names but whoever posted "do you think grenades should be allowed in skirmishes?" in the "New Products" sub forum, how does that thread relate to new products from Airsoft GI? Please, be careful.

6. NO DOUBLE/TRIPLE/QUADRUPLE/ETCETC POSTING. The edit function is on the right hand side and should be used when possible in order to prevent any excessive postings. It is understandable that a user may post a message and that another user will post after that message, eventually rendering it impossible to edit a previous post. In these cases, please be aware of your posts and to not be overly spamming. We will give warnings in the first few incidents, but labels will be placed afterwards if it does not stop.

The only allowed double posting is, if your reply did not load and you had to write a new message. This is understandable. Admins will be able to see it and take care of the duplicate message. But this is not an excuse for people that are too lazy to edit their original posts. Admins can tell again, via timestamps and other little bells and whistles we have up our sleeves, do not push your luck with this.

If you post a question and no one replies back in 5 minutes, do not bump your thread. We will count this as trolling and a double post. If there are no replies in a week, then you may bump your post, but in a civil way, please do not be cynical and start saying '100 views and no replies? You guys are all jackasses' DO NOT do this, the admins will be more pissed than the rest of the users.

7. NECROPHILIA. Many threads that have been dead for over 5 months have been brought back to only be responded with feedback that is unnecessary. Do not post in a dormant topic unless you have more questions on the topic or wish to know more information dealing with that topic.

Do not post in old old threads unless you have something to add on the topic. Please do not go to a year old CA thread and go 'Ya I have a CA m15a4, it fires great." Okay tell us this in another newer topic. PLEASE do not relive old threads. If the topic was helpful and you learned from it great, please do not post a thank you to a thread long forgotten. It's great but still unneeded.

8. INFORMATION. There has been a lot of disrespect floating around ALL of the threads. Although many of you may not really personally know the Admins and Moderators, we ask you to understand that these jobs are issued to those that have earned their positions. In a given discussion, please back up any arguments that you may have, as well as realize the counter-arguments that will be brought up against your information.

Newbies in particular: when people on this forum tell you to 'wear eye protection' and stop doing certain things, we are telling it for your own good. If you find us bashing you we are doing it for your safety and everyone that plays with you. This forum has the purpose to help you. Please do not bash back or say that we are wronging you. If any other members of the forum is harassing you about something irrational (either via the forums or private messaging), please notify the admins with the evidence of the wronging.

Also, if you are a person that comes in and states 'I know a lot about airsoft', you may be frowned upon at first (the world is made of resumes and education not what comes out of a mouth). If you are going to say you know a lot about AEGs or Gas guns, be prepared to prove it.

If you come in stating you know very little about airsoft yet do not listen to things that veterans of the forum are telling you, we won't listen to you either. You came here asking for advice but if you don't listen to the advice we are telling you, so be it.

And one last note, please do NOT go around bashing brands. This is very annoying. Please don't say "CA is better than TM by a thousand times". Just because it has a metal body does not mean one is better than the other. Do not go around bashing people that can only afford mid range guns. Who knows? That player may beat you in a game because he's more skilled with his mid-range gun than you are with your gun.

Things that will earn you a warning or a possible ban:

// Repeated double posting
// Repeated unrelated necroposting
// Avatar and Sig size issues
// Uncivil bashing other users without reason or evidence
// Reported harassing of other users
// Harassing admins
// Abusing PM functions to harass other users

Any questions or concerns about this thread, just post away 8-)

Re: Everyone MUST read: The Constitution

Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 9:18 am
by cat61986
A few added comments to the Constitution:

- Please USE the search function. It's up on every page at the top right corner. Considering the immense amount of information on the forums already, posting something that has already been said will lead to people not answering your questions.

- There will be no hotlinking of images. This includes your avatar, sig, and regularly posted images. If you wish to put up an image in your avatar, sig, or post, save the image into your computer, upload it into photobucket (or any other image website), and post the picture with the site's provided link. If you have no choice and need to hotlink a picture, post the actual link to your post.

- We do not allow bashing of brands. Likewise, we prefer that the bashing of other airsoft stores/websites/forums be kept at a minimum. Recently, issues have been brought up about other forums and, while we enjoy the ability of airsofters interacting with each other, continually bashing people and bringing drama to our forum will NOT be tolerated.

- Make sure that your posts are useful. "Lol" is not a useful post. "That's what she said" is not a useful post." "That's uber cool" is not a useful post. If your post is not useful or pertinent to the forum discussion at hand, it WILL be deleted by the admins with no warning. Members have been trying to up their post count with countless numbers of useless posts, and have been, overall, unproductive members. Records ARE taken down on the type of posts that members have been posting.
edit :: cat :: This includes "+1" posts, or "I agree" posts that have no functional point except to take up space.

- Do not ask the admins/mods if you can be an admin/mod on this forum. If we are somehow in need of more mods, then we will PRIVATELY ask specific members for their time and skills to be a mod. If you have been derailing threads, double-posting, or, basically, breaking the rules, you have no right to ask to be an admin/mod. All incidents are recorded by the admins, and we can look at your record any time to make a decision about your character.

- Do not ask the admins/mods for ASGI to have a sale. Do not ask for discounts. Do not say which product(s) you think that ASGI should have a lower price on. If we need input, we will ask. Asking for such things is childish and immature. ASGI already has extremely low prices, has giveaways/raffles, and tries to maintain a good customer service. By making such posts, you are also confusing other people who are browsing/skimming the topics, and this may lead them to think that ASGI is having a sale/discount when we are not.

- Do not advertise your airsoft store/merchandise/website on this forum. Because we do not allow free advertising, your thread will be deleted, or, at the very least, locked from discussion.

- Do not use the forum/threads as a chat board. If you wish to talk to one of the members, contact them for their contact info (or look at their profile) so that you may interact with them over AIM, MSN, Yahoo, etc. If we see that numerous posts have been made by you and another person (or a greater number of people) within a short time span about nonsensical stuff, each person will receive a warning and those posts will be deleted.

- Make reasonable posts. This means that, if you do not know the answer to a person's post, then do NOT reply to the person's question saying "That's a good question, but I don't know the answer". You have just wasted the forum's space, time, and patience. Likewise, if you make posts that are completely unnecessary to the thread at hand, those posts will be deleted and a warning will be issued. Due to some people only wanting a higher rank based on their post count, these issues have occurred. If we find good reason that your posts are based on the want of having a higher rank, you will be issued no rank whatsoever. This forum's purpose is to allow people to discuss airsoft in a reasonable manner; it's not meant to be abused as a space for your graffiti.

Re: Everyone MUST read: The Constitution

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 3:09 pm
by faden
Since the rules have been broken SO many times now, with no avail or respect to the Admins especially to Cat...

Due to the continuous harassment of individuals and the numerous violations of the "Constitution", warnings and taking away of privileges will be STRONGLY enforced.

Re: Everyone MUST read: The Constitution

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:48 am
by zebco
Ok I have 1 question, do yall ban the ip adress for good after so much or do you give a "time out" sort of thing?
Also do I have to use proper capitalization and punctuation or does it matter? :?: :|

(it did on the evike forum, and i got banned for good because of it :roll: )

Re: Everyone MUST read: The Constitution

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:55 am
by cat61986
I'm not trying to be a grammar nazi, but some punctuation and a good amount of grammar would definitely help for members of the forum to understand your posts. So, yes, PLEASE use punctuation and grammar and good use of the English language.

As for the bans on IPs....they're typically pretty permanent. However, we don't ban IPs unless you did some major rule breakage. "Warnings" would mean that your privileges on the forum would be taken away, such as no sig or avatar, and limited limited limited ability to post anything. The punishment from the warnings are temporary, but your privileges will be limited until the admins feel that you aren't breaking any of the rules and you're being a respectful member of the forum.

Re: Everyone MUST read: The Constitution

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:37 am
by tnapp
Like cat said, we dont need perfect grammar. But dont right lyk yall stuf [email protected] aitn no body cant read

Re: Everyone MUST read: The Constitution

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:41 am
by CybeRoguE
tnapp wrote:Like cat said, we dont need perfect grammar. But dont right lyk yall stuf [email protected] aitn no body cant read

Agreed... If you just talk normally with punctuation you should be good... It is also a good idea to break up your sentences because usually, when a sentence such as this one takes up an entire paragraph without a single period, it is very annoying and time consuming to read to everyone, and in the end sometimes the entire sentence can be summarized in a few lines or so, which is much better than a one sentence paragraph. :P

Off Topic: OCD is going crazy now cuz of my last sentence >.>

Re: Everyone MUST read: The Constitution

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 12:34 pm
by zebco
ok i get it, i cant lose this membership like i did at evike.

Re: Everyone MUST read: The Constitution

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2009 2:05 pm
by baklash 1337

I haven't actually read this until now... A few months after I first joined. But, I've been good!

Except for an accidental double-post and accidentally derailing the MJ thread on Other Off Topic.

Sorry for not reading this thread first :|

Re: Everyone MUST read: The Constitution

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2009 10:17 am
by tnapp
If possible mods, can we make it a rule that everyone accepts and respects others choices and opinions on what guns they like. So pretty much if someone makes a thread asking for "what M4 is a good choice to buy?" Instead of other people (no names mentioned) going into that thread and saying "Or you can buy a G36" or, " You should get a FAMAS instead" Those people can either A. Not post. or B. Answer the question and post a M4 that they think is good for what the poster wants.

Also, no constant bashing of guns, for example M4 vs AUG. I cant say im not part of this, but it is very annoying when you constantly here "M4's are so outdated and mega- ugly" and "Augs are ugly and quirky looking" and blah blah blah in every single post. If everyone would be a little more mature and not so childish about other's gun choices, we wouldnt have so much babyish drama going on.

I'm trying to look on both sides of the arguments, but i think these may be helpful rules.