Operation Serpent's Fang

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Operation Serpent's Fang

Postby CastleAirsoftSurplus » Sat Oct 06, 2012 9:49 am

presented by Castle Airsoft Surplus

November 17th and 18th


Objective: Locate and recover BN-X71. BN-X71 is the code name for an experimental nuclear warhead that, after detonation, releases a biological payload into the atmosphere. The resulting effects of the chemical into an environment are at this time not completely known, but lab test have shown exposure to X71 results in a loss of higher motor functions then death. Projected results of detonation in an urban environment would lead to a 97% casualty rate for any life in a 400 mile radius.

Intelligence: A USAF C-17 en route to Barksdale AFB in Louisiana experienced a mechanical malfunction causing the cargo bay door to open and its payload to be dropped over the north Texas area. Aircraft was diverted to Dyess AFB. Upon landing, the crew was debriefed and an investigation was launched to determine the cause of malfunction. No mechanical fault was found and the crew was further questioned. One Airman was found to have family ties with a local Texas Militia. Through intelligence agencies, we have learned the Texas South Militia (T.S.M.) have been responsible for several military weapon highjacks throughout the country. The Airman is believed to be working with the T.S.M., and to have intentionally dropped the payload.

Rules of Engagement: Enemy forces are heavily armed and dangerous. Use of Deadly Force is authorized. Secure the crate at all costs


Local military forces have been infiltrated by members of the T.S.M. and a high possibility exists that some members will be aiding the T.S.M. to recover the BN-X71. The F.B.I. has undercover agents within the T.S.M. They have been informed that recovery of the warhead is Objective Number One, and takes precedents over maintaining undercover identities

check us out on facebook for all the details or email us at [email protected]

Prizes will be awarded for first through fifth place.

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