[GUIDE] The Complete Propane Guide

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[GUIDE] The Complete Propane Guide

Postby baklash 1337 » Sun Oct 14, 2012 12:33 pm


Hello Airsofters! Welcome to the Complete Propane Guide. Make sure to read the guide thoroughly and in the tone of Hank Hill's voice to enhance the propane education value.

When it comes to gas airsoft replicas, Green Gas is usually the obvious choice of propellant, but it's as expensive as heck at around $10-$15 for 1000ml. The active ingredients in Green Gas are actually propane and silicone, so Green Gas IS PROPANE. Straight-up propane is your other option at $2-$4 for a 1lb. bottle, but rumors are still going around saying that propane will ruin your gun, which is true to an extent. However, when you properly maintain your propane setup, propane is completely safe to use with airsoft guns. In this guide, I'm going to show you how easy, useful, safe, and inexpensive running propane is.

- The Perks of Propane -

- Propane is much safer than Green Gas. Green Gas containers are very thin and are more prone to rupture than 1lb. propane bottles, which are essentially just miniature versions of industrial chemical bottles. Needless to say, they're VERY strong. Propane also contains an added unpleasant odor to indicate that the gas is present outside of the container whereas Green Gas does not. If your Green Gas cans leak, you may never even realize it is happening, and as we all know, both gases are extremely flammable. Sure, propane smells bad, but better safe than sorry!

- Propane is several times cheaper than Green Gas.
Propane: 1.04 pounds = ~1 litre........................$2 - 4
Green Gas: 1000 millilitres = 1 litre...................$10 - 15
I've found a method (I will explain later) to get my airsoft propane at the rate $1 for 1lb. which makes Green Gas OVER 1000-1500% MORE EXPENSIVE THAN PROPANE!!!

- You can use plastic fill tips with propane. Plastic fill tips are generally more durable, less leaky, more efficient, and more flexible than metal fill tips depending on the brand of propane adapter.

- Propane & Propane Accessories -

To get started with propane, you will need a 1lb. propane bottle, a propane adapter for airsoft, and some 100% silicone oil spray. The lubricant is for keeping your gaskets and o-rings from drying up and causing leaks and malfunctions. The brand of propane and 100% silicone oil do not matter, but the adapter does.

The only adapter I will ever recommend is the only adapter I have ever owned, seeing that it has never needed to be replaced over FOUR YEARS OF USE: The Airsoft Innovations Propane Adapter. It is considered the best one hands down on the market and comes complete with an extended/repair tip, a cap, and your bottle of 100% silicone oil. I lost the cap when I first got it, but I've never really seemed to need it since mine has never ever broken or malfunctioned even though I treat it like garbage! I've dropped the bottle on the adapter tip several times and got dirt inside, but nothing can stop this plastic juggernaut. The extended tip is also useful for filling very odd airsoft replicas such as my Tanaka revolver. At $20, which is the same price of all other propane adapters, you simply cannot go wrong. Check it out here:


How do I get my airsoft propane for $1 per 1lb.? I get my 20lb. propane bottle filled for $20. Then I use my Mac Coupler adapter to fill my 1lb. bottles with the 20lb. bottle. Contrary to how this sounds, it's completely safe EVEN THOUGH the 1lb. propane bottle labels strictly advise against re-filling them. As popular as they are, I've never heard of any accident occurring from use of a Mac Coupler adapter, nor have I encountered any problems from using mine for the past year to fill my 1lb. bottles. But if you don't feel right filling your own propane bottles, you don't have to. Still, accidents can occur from user error or damaged propane bottles, so use at your own risk! The Mac Coupler can be bought at hardware stores and online for about $15:


- Proper Propane Procedure -

Step 1: Know if your gas airsoft replica is brand new or in used condition and has no leakage. If your replica is new, it needs lubrication immediately. If not, lubrication can probably wait a dozen or so magazines.

Step 2: Lubricate the opening of your propane bottle with 100% silicone oil. For spray lube, tap the tip of your spray can only for a millisecond to get a slight amount of the lube in the opening. For "liquid" lube, put one drop in the opening. If you put too much, it can cause malfunctions, unwanted oil buildup, and even damage.

Step 3: Attach the adapter to the threading on the bottle securely.

Step 4: Fill your replica with the propane as you normally would with Green Gas.

Step 5: Give your gun some action!

Step 6: Repeat the lubrication process every 10-20 magazines for handguns and smaller SMGs, every 10-15 magazines for GBBRs and larger SMGs, and every 15 or so magazines for shotguns and bolt-action rifles.

If you correctly follow this procedure, your replicas will NEVER leak. I've tested mine, and they can hold gas for months and maybe even years if I let them sit that long!

Safety Reminders

Never ever EVER:

- Use a propane bottle that has a rusty or damaged neck and/or threading.
- Store propane bottles in an enclosed space or in direct sunlight.
- Re-fill propane bottles in a manner that puts you or others in danger.
- Smoke when re-filling propane bottles.

I very much hope that you found this guide helpful and informative about using propane correctly for airsoft. Maybe one day we can all use propane for our gas replicas in harmony.
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Re: [GUIDE] The Complete Propane Guide

Postby link236 » Sun Oct 14, 2012 1:45 pm

Thanks Baklash, this will be really useful once I get a GBB.
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Re: [GUIDE] The Complete Propane Guide

Postby timbuktoo » Sun Oct 14, 2012 7:03 pm

link236 wrote:Thanks Baklash, this will be really useful once I get a GBB.

you do have one yet? I didnt really expect that... they're pretty fun, with the kick and all.

the thing I like about the propane though is that green gas doesnt have plastic tips, so they eat o-rings (I never personally used it so I wouldnt actually know). but the reason I started using propane was for cost, and then I realized hey those cans of green gas with their metal tips aren't eating my gaskets and nozzles and stuff that is really hard to find or expensive to replace.

thanks alot for the thread backlash. it has pointed out some of the things that I do wrong. so maybe some of the reliability issues I'm getting are from putting no oil in my can for a while, and then dumping a lot of silicon oil in there every now and then.

EDIT: may I add that (common sense really but this is America) you might want to change in your safety reminders never fill propane and smoke at the same time to never fill propane near a heat source, open flame, ciggarette, etc. just to be more concise
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Re: [GUIDE] The Complete Propane Guide

Postby waffelcopter » Thu Oct 18, 2012 12:26 am

I like all this Baklash but I have always been under the impression that it is never okay refill a little coleman propane tank from one of the bigger ones; your guide seems to imply that its okay. Have I just been told a little white lie to keep me from blowing myself up by doing so incorrectly or did I mis-read your guide?
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Re: [GUIDE] The Complete Propane Guide

Postby baklash 1337 » Thu Oct 18, 2012 1:55 am

waffelcopter wrote:I like all this Baklash but I have always been under the impression that it is never okay refill a little coleman propane tank from one of the bigger ones; your guide seems to imply that its okay. Have I just been told a little white lie to keep me from blowing myself up by doing so incorrectly or did I mis-read your guide?

I did state it's an option that is always available to a propane user depending on how comfortable they are carrying out the procedure. The label does say DO NOT REFILL, but the Mac Coupler just stops re-filling your 1lb. tank when it's full. The law also states that re-filled 1lb. bottles are illegal to transport across state lines, but that's no big obstacle. Point is that it's a cheaper option to buying 1lb. propane tanks, it's safe, but I suppose that I should say "at your own risk" because you can create a disaster if you use it wrong or fill it in a closet full of lit candles.
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Re: [GUIDE] The Complete Propane Guide

Postby Honoured1 » Tue Feb 26, 2013 8:37 am


I'd just like to throw in that I started using liquid froglube instead of Silicone Oil as my propane lubricant.

The scent of Froglube, the fact that froglube enhances the life of your seals, and that FL dissolves the petroliates that are in propane make it much safer to use that silicone, which will swell your bucking.

Also, it's heavier, and I find it drops my FPS just a little.
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