Need some pointers

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Need some pointers

Postby TreyeSnow » Thu Jun 26, 2014 8:59 pm

Hey guys, just wanted some info/personal advice/suggestions/etc. etc. on what I should be looking for when it comes to GBBR's.

Basically, here's the run-down. I got into airsoft about 6mo ago and decided to upgrade my un-branded M4 I got off a friend for a hundred bucks to something a bit better. So, I got the mystery box and wouldn't ya know it, I ended up getting the PTS Masada CQB ACR.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love the gun, but shortly thereafter I purchased a KJW Full Metal M9 and was "blown away" by GBB (sorry for the pun..). In short, I have come to be unable to return to my Masada for my CQB games. I literally just run my M9 all day long because it doesn't feel like a toy. GBB just feels so much nicer in my hands than an AEG.

So here I am looking for advice.

I was thinking of maybe trading my Masada for a GBBR but I'm not sure how to go about it. The Masada I own is in practically pristine condition (It even still smells "like new") and being retailed at over 500 bucks, I figured I could probably get rid of it for around 400 and get something good.

What should I do, and what GBBR's should I look into that are worth it. I know the Mega Arms LM4 has pretty decent reviews and recommendations from the GI team on several occasions (I think it was Bob that said "Well, it aint an LM4..." on one gun review) but I'd like to expand my horizons.

Just some background however, I play mostly CQB and some field. I enjoy DMR roles and don't do the whole "run and gun" skirmish thing. Not sure if that information helps but, worth saying it.

Thanks for reading and I apologize for the lengthy post. Cheers~

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