Which Tm pistol *LEFTY*

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Which Tm pistol *LEFTY*

Postby Nyairsoft16 » Fri Apr 10, 2015 6:17 pm

So Im in the market for a new pistol and I decided I want a TM pistol. Problem is, Im a lefty. I want something that has a lot of upgrades, and is somewhat lefty friendly.

It would be great If I had some suggestions but, here is what I had in mind.

Glock 17- Great Amount of Upgrades , I like the look, slide release might be hard to reach but, I can power stroke. I prefer the mag release be on the left side.

M&P - Has ambi slide release and once again, mag release on left side. I like it, just not too sure on after market support.

HK 45- Ambi Mag release, not sure on slide release. Not sure on after market support either.

So yeah, basically leave me some suggestions or, say which one I should go with

What I want to upgrade my tm pistol into : Full metal slide or Slide and body ( depends on gun ) and super accurate and good gas consumption ( no 1911s unless someone can prove that they can get off a full mag with a metal slide.)

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