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General Gas FAQ

Postby cat61986 » Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:33 pm

(copied from the ASGI website)


I am looking for a starting pistol, what are my options?

A KWA g19 is a favorite. It is both compact and shoots hard. And since it has no external moving parts it generally requires little maintenance. It is also has upgrade parts available.

What are the different forms of gas?

HFC 134a – Designed for Japanese pistols, generally a lower velocity but still a decent FPS for skirmish. Green/Top Gas – Most used gas, high FPS gains, but only safe to use on Taiwanese and full metal guns. Red Gas – Very powerful gas, very high FPS gain, designed for full metal guns only, but a downside is that it wears out your gun much faster. CO2 – Stronger than all other gasses, much higher pressure and can create very high FPS gain, downside is that the FPS may go further than legal limit.
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