PKM Battery Drain

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PKM Battery Drain

Postby B13 2.0 » Tue Jan 24, 2017 6:59 pm

Hello all, I have an Echo1 pkm that has given me some issues. When I first got it I tried all the batteries I had, most of them are old and came with other guns and didn't work, or would get a few shots before dying. I tried 2 11.1v lipos and bought a 7.4 lipo, they also did not work with it. The only battery I could get to work was an 8.4 stick by Valken i have. So I bought a brick valken 9.4v 2000mah. It lasted 4 hrs before dying and I switched over to the other valken. Later that day I tried the brick again and it sounded fine. I have replaced the spring with a M110, and equipped the bypass chip for the rate of fire adjuster; that's all I've done to it internally.
Anyone know whats going on here?
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