KWA KM4 SR10 vs CYMA CM032 M14 EBR

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KWA KM4 SR10 vs CYMA CM032 M14 EBR

Postby Nathan3219 » Sun Nov 23, 2014 8:58 pm

Hey guys! This is my first post over here and I'm pretty new to airsoft as a whole, so cut me some slack for any stupidity! :lol: Anyways, lemme cut to the chase.

So I've been looking at both these guns for awhile and I can't decide which one to get. My budget is going to be $400-450 and I want a rifle that fills the DMR role. I've narrowed it down to these two choices. KWA KM4 SR10 and the CYMA CM032 M14 EBR.

So really what I'm asking is how much better is the SR10 than the M14? Is it really worth the extra $100? Would it be a better value to use the extra $100 I save buying the M14 to upgrade the internals, get some nice optics, mags, 6.03mm precision barrel, etc. or instead buy the SR10, keep it stock, and run it with some mid caps and a red dot?

Comment your opinion below. Thanks!
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Re: KWA KM4 SR10 vs CYMA CM032 M14 EBR

Postby visor61 » Wed Nov 26, 2014 8:04 am

If you are really looking at filling a DMR role, ability to upgrade/replace parts is a must. It is easier to get parts for the M14 than the SR10 just due to the fact that KWA uses some proprietary parts. On the other hand though, the gearbox of the SR10 is easier for a beginner to work on than the M14. Both guns are going to perform similarly out of the box, with the KWA edging ahead in some regards. In the end you need to decide which of these weapon platforms you prefer, and which you will be happier with.

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