KWA 2GX Nasty Sounds?

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KWA 2GX Nasty Sounds?

Postby Rooster21 » Mon Jan 05, 2015 5:54 pm

Hello all!

I've got a few problems maybe you guys and gals can help with? I have started to get this nasty "Whining" sound coming from the motor/lower gear box of my gun, I have already taken it apart and cleaned/lubed everything again and cleaned all the contact points for the trigger and motor, avast, the sound comes back after about one mid cap (140 rounds), I've never run in to this problem before and it has me shaking in my space boots!

Here are a list of things I've already done to trouble shoot the problem.

1. Cleaned and re-lubed the gear box
2. Cleaned all contact points
3. Checked for chipped/broken gears
4. reset motor height (Back to where it sounded like it did out of the box)
5. Went with a smaller battery ( 8.5v Nickel Metal Hydrate) and back to the normal battery 9.6v

Not sure what happened.. I'm not much of a tech but understand how to clean and care for my AEG... I've put well over 30000 threw it, as I play often when the weather permits it! Hopefully you guys can help?

I'd really rather not pay a "tech" to fix it, or have to pay the shipping cost to send it in, and STILL pay a tech, I'm hoping you guys will have some ideas of things for me to check and fix to resolve this problem, haven't had any problems with this gun other than the dummy bolt bending, but that's minor and was easily fixed.

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