KAC upper receiver (M4) dust cover help

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KAC upper receiver (M4) dust cover help

Postby NeCtRiCkS » Mon Jun 22, 2015 1:27 pm

Hello, guys! How are you?

I've recently bought a Knight's Armament Co. (KAC) upper receiver from a friend (now 100% fitting my G&G CM16 Raider-L [yaaay :P] after using Durepoxi on its grooves/tabs).

But it came without:
1. the dust cover's locking pin and spring;
2. the fake/dummy bolt.

The #1 I and a friend got functioning properly after some hard work, as it's different from any other pin assembly out there.

I'm with some trouble to fix #2, though, as I'm not sure how the dummy bolt is settled on KAC uppers. I've tried King Arms' bolt and it doesn't work, as it slides in a sort of "rail" on the upper receiver and rests inside a short dust cover.
Is there someone with a KAC upper receiver to help me out by posting pictures of its standard locking pin (#1) and dummy bolt (#2)?

Thank you so much :)

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