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Postby Legend1uk » Thu May 21, 2015 3:28 pm

hi all,

I have been wanting to attend a milsim event for some time and hope to do so in the future. I have been researching what is needed for a milsim event in particular a MilSimWest/American MilSim game. I am overwhelmed with exactly what is required for a loadout and was hoping someone could help me out. I understand most the gear involved with a persons loadout. If I purchase a LBX 0094 tactical vest what extra m4/admin/dump pouches would i also need to purchase for my tactical vest/Plate Carrier to be Milsim ready whilst running a KWA KM4 RS10 as my primary.

thanks in advance for your time and help fellow airsofters/Milsimers!
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Postby Downs » Fri Jun 05, 2015 8:51 pm

The pouches you run are going to be a very personal thing. My setup probably wouldn't work for you neither would someone else's work for me. I'd suggest going and playing some pickup games with your setup and find what works for you.

There are things in the milsim games that you can't prepare for by playing local small games and that's the length of the game and what you need to carry into the field to sustain yourself and your weapon. When I go to a day long or longer game I supplement my standard pickup game loadout with a small assault pack that has extra BBs, gas for my GBBs, snacks, extra water, ect in it so I don't have to try to make it back to the parking lot thoughout the day and can just stay in the field.

As for "required' stuff for milsim that's going to vary from game to game and organizer to organizer. Generally what it comes down to is uniform requirements. What I suggest on gear outside of uniform and what you feel like running is to get your load bearing gear in a generic color like Coyote Brown or standard OD green. Don't get a specific pattern as that will cause problems if you want to play "tan" one game then "green" the next.
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