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Advice on sales

Postby rileymccann » Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:03 pm

I have listed my A&K SVD completely stock, my JG T3 RAS, And my ICS GLM on Airsoft Society, and less than five minutes later i got a message back from a guy who was interested in all of them. After chit-chatting with him he seems trustworthy, and he was fine when i said that i wanted to sleep on it. This post is for multiple reasons. He offered to trade his A&K Full Metal SPR MOD0 AEG Airsoft Gun ( Long ) or his G&G RK-104 with a battery and four mags. they are both used and work,but my only concern is that he wants to trade for a gun that costs half less than his gun. What should I do? also, i got an offer from a different man who offered $100 for my new ICS GLM. i'm thinking about accepting, but dont know if i wait if i'll get a better offer. Oh yeah and if you want any of those guns for cheaper than anywhere else you can get them from me here. Now is your chance.. ... -4039.html ... -4040.html ... -4038.html
if you have advice or an offer pm me on either this site or airsoft society.
I now got an offer of a trade, my ics glm for his CYMA AK with recent reshim and regrease and 16 gague wires
And another thought...if i traded for the guns would anyone want to buy/trade them?
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