A Quick Guide: AEG Motors and Gearboxes:: TIMSGT

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A Quick Guide: AEG Motors and Gearboxes:: TIMSGT

Postby ASGI Tim » Fri Oct 10, 2008 8:14 am

Keeping track of the types of gearboxes and their compatible parts can be a difficult thing to do. Each AEG is operated by a specific mechanical box that is powered by a motor. The different version gearboxes and motor types are selected to fit within each gun based on how it looks, or the space it provides for the mechbox and motor based on it's shape. Each gearbox is a different shape, the main thing that separates each version is the arrangement of the gears and how the motor lines up with the gears. To make things as simple as possible we've created a chart for the different motor types and gearbox version and connected them with the guns that use them...
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