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|AEG| SOCOM Gear Noveske N4 14.5in

Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2011 3:19 pm
by tylerflow
The SOCOM Gear Noveske N4 series are sold under the SOCOM Gear name (Madbull) but is OEMd by VFC. The guns are based off of the real steel Noveske custom M4s known as the N4. This airsoft replica comes with full Noveske trademarks. This gun sells for about $350 USD at most retailers. It comes in a plain black box and is held in firmly be cardboard. The gun is also in a plastic bag.


Externally, this gun is exquisite. The upper and lower receiver are aluminum alloy with a matte black finish. It's lightly textured and feels tough. The barrel is aluminum and the flash hider is steel. The Noveske RIS is aluminum and looks better than standard rail systems. The rail system also has 3 QD sling points. The crane stock and pistol grip are nylon fiber and are nicely textured. The other parts like the front sight, bolt catch, selector switch, and magazine catch are all zinc and have the same matte black finish. This model comes with a non-adjustable Noveske KX3 flash hider. It does not amplify the sound. If it does, it's not noticeable. This gun has a functional bolt catch and thin pistol grip to emulate a real firearm. As previously mentioned, this gun has CNC engraved real steel trademarks with correct caliber markings. They are clean and deep. Would've been great if they were white, but no complaints. This gun does NOT come with a rear iron sight or a sling plate. Also, there is MINIMAL wobble on this gun. When I shake it, the only parts that shake are the crane stock and bolt catch. This gun uses retaining body pins which is a great touch. This gun comes in at a light 7lbs (3.18kg). Madbull has really outdone themselves with this. External rating: 9.5/10. It's so beautiful.


The internals are just as beautiful as the externals. Firstly, the barrel is brass, 6.04mm by 380mm. The crowning is very good and the window is large. I see no reason to replace this barrel. The hop-up is poly-carb and clear. I love it. It is incredibly easy to work on. It's also very solid. The bucking and nub are fine, no need to replace. Now for the gearbox. This gun has:
-CNCd zinc gearbox w/ front reinforcement
-8mm steel bushings
-chrome M4 cylinder
-steel ball bearing spring guide
-steel gears w/ auto-shimming system
-clear poly-carb piston
-aluminum, ported piston head with thrust spacer
-M120 spring
-poly-carb cylinder head w/ thicker dampening pad
-poly-carb air nozzle w/ o-ring

Yeah, very good internals. The motor is a 3000 RPM, high speed long type. Nothing bad, but not great. It comes with a fuse and pretty anemic wiring. It also has a black tamiya connector. It feels stronger that the green ones on other guns.

*Note: Some have been reporting stripped pistons in VFC guns in 2011. Mine is fine after 3 months, but I'll have to wait and see.*

Internal rating: 9/10. Gearbox is great but the wiring and motor can use some work.


I don't have any fancy equipment or a lot of space, so I'm just going off of my eyes, ears, and other people.
On a 9.6v 1600mah nunchuck battery, I'm getting approx. 20 BBs per second. On an 11.1v, people have been getting 25-30 BBs per second. With a clean barrel and .25g BBs, I can get out to ~180ft with good accuracy. At 50ft, I'm getting 1in groupings. Trigger response is really good. Performance rating: 8.5/10. It is perfect for my needs.

Just thought I'd include some other info:
-The KX3 amplifier doesn't do much, but the metal piston head gives the gun a nice clank.
-The mag that this gun comes with is a mid-cap mag. The paint scratches easily and it was VERY difficult to fit into the gun at first. After a few tries, the mag now slides in smoothly and performs great.
-This gun will not accept some mags without taping them. S-Arms and MagPul E-mags need tape.
-On the gearbox, there's a stick that voids the warranty if it's broken. Well, it's in the magwell so the mags will tear it fast.
-Threads are 14mm counter clockwise.
-Disassembly is slightly different due to the bolt catch and realistic mag release.

Externals: 9.5/10
Internals: 9/10
Performance: 8.5/10
Total: 9/10

This gun is fantastic and I recommend it to everyone interested in a great looking and performing alternative to an M4. This gun is very unique and beautiful. Buy it! :D

PS. I took these pics months ago. My gun looks a little different right now.
PPS. If pics are too big, right click and open them in a new tab/window.