|GBB| Cybergun/KJW SIG Sauer P226

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|GBB| Cybergun/KJW SIG Sauer P226

Postby Slymin » Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:54 pm

Well I would first like to say that this review takes place mainly in video form. I will write a review underneath the videos so I can get some information down that I forgot or did not include in the videos. That being said I have had this gun well over a year, and have had the opportunity to do extensive testing on it, mainly in accuracy and reliability. Like I said, I will write a review underneath the following videos.

All these videos were recorded in true 720p High Definition and they were not "upscaled" in anyway.

This is a review of the Cybergun/KJW SIG Sauer P226

This is how to disassemble the P226 and how to clean it properly.

This video demonstrates the accuracy in cold weather at close range, that being 5 yards, 12, and 20 yards. The accuracy is just terrible if the hop-up isn't dialed in and sights adjusted properly. At 20 yards I was hitting about 10" groups which is absolutely terrible. The accuracy is not the highest selling point of this pistol. (Testing done with OD Green G&G .25g BBS.( Accuracy may improve with a .2g BB, because the gun doesn't have to "strain" itself so hard to push the .2 out as it does the .25, that is not a guarantee however just a guess. In an AEG this would be totally the opposite, but a handgun I am not so sure.)

This video is a fun walk through a freezing, desert blizzard having some fun shooting a snowman "zombie". The camera picks up the details of the SIG Sauer P226 pretty good from a first person perspective. This is meant to be more fun then informative, but I do get the gun drenched with snow and it operates fine, which surprised me!

This is the teaser I had on my channel prior to uploading all these videos. I just though this would be fun to post.

Now before I write my review, I would just ask, if you like those videos that you give a like, favorite or subscribe. Your support helps makes these reviews possible, and makes me more encouraged to do them, so thank you. Now onto the written review.

The Cybergun SIG Sauer P226


My thoughts on the externals of this gun were pleasing when I first received it almost a year and a half back and continue to please me. However, I am not one to bias my reviews, so I will be honest where it needs work, and what was done right.

The external metal that makes up the frame on this P226 is pretty durable, but it is indeed just "Pot Metal". It scratches fairly easily and the slide itself carries a good chunk of weight. The coat of paint that is on the slide is much to shiny, and should be more of a "Matte" black then a "Shiny" black. KJW could really improve this model by somehow cutting the weight on the metal down. Not only would this make the gun lighter, but it would be far more gas efficient and puts less wear and tear on the internals.

Is this SIG Sauer P226 aesthetically pleasing? Some say yes, I say somewhat. The reason I only say somewhat is that when you combine the shiny black paint with the SIG Sauer trademarks and orange tip it gives it a very "Toy" look from up close or even far off. Yes one could remove the orange tip by scraping the paint off, or replacing the outer barrel, but the P226 would steel be very toy like with the shiny paint that isn't matte in the slightest.

KJW did do a great job on the controls of this gun. The hammer release (de-cocker), slide catch, take-down lever, and mag release all look great, and are functional. The grips would look really nice with those logos if they were not so shiny, and have a extreme plastic look to them. The aesthetics could definitely use a lot of work.

Cybergun did a pretty good job on the trademarks. They are laser etched so they won't be coming off anytime soon, and most of them are in the right places. My favorite trademarks are on the grips, with the "Port" (left side if looking down the sights) side of the grip reading, "P226" and the "Starboard" side of the grip reading, "SIG Sauer". The "Port" side of the slide reads, "SIG Sauer P226". That covers the trademarks on the slide.

The "Starboard" side of the frame reads, "-SIGARMS INC. EXTER NH-" and below that reading "MADE IN TAIWAN" that to me is pretty tacky for two reasons. One the name of the city is "EXETER" not "EXTER". I mean seriously Cybergun you have to make a typo on the frame of a pistol? That is quite bothersome for me. Now this is pistol is a year and a half old so I am not sure if Cybergun has come out with a newer version where that typo is corrected. The second thing that is tacky is the, "MADE IN TAIWAN" that seals the deal for toy factor, yes I know it is made in Taiwan, but that is not necessarily needed on the frame. Then just to the left of those trademarks it has a SIGARMS logo that is pretty much an S and A "mixed" together. (This can be seen at 3:45 on the Cybergun SIG Sauer P226 Review at the top of the page.) Below the SIGARMS logo to the left it reads, "Cal. 6mm" and below that a serial number to go along with it. That sums up all of the trademarks, like I said Cybergun did a pretty good job, but I can't say they are the best, because of that typo.


The accuracy is pretty good at close range, say 5 to 15 yards. From there you can get good tight groups about 1 to 2 inches with the occasional flier. I have tested this over and over again with .25g BBS by G&G, and relatively no wind.

Once you hit about 20 yards the groups tend to open up drastically, about 6-9 inches. (As seen in the KJW SIG Sauer P226 Accuracy Test video above.)

Attempting 35-50 yards can be done, but I would recommend .2g BBS for that kind of work just so you get a little bit more velocity leaving the muzzle. A man sized target can still be hit at those ranges, but if you are trying to get a tight group I wish you luck.

The KJW SIG Sauer P226 does have quite a bit of potential going for itself though. Although in the P226's stock form the accuracy is not extremely impressive by any means, it could really be good with a Tight Bore Barrel, and some upgrades for FPS. It would not have to be anything crazy, but more energy and velocity behind the BB would help.


This is where the Cybergun/KJW P226 gets the most praise from me. This thing is a tank! I have beaten this thing up over the past year, and it keeps going like I never even did anything to it. I would think burying a normal Gas Blow-Back Airsoft Gun in the snow would effect it's performance it some way or even break the gun, but for this pistol that is no where near the case. My P226 has been buried in snow, with the slide open, and the snow broke down to water and seeped into the entire gun, frame, slide, blow-back chamber, fire control group, I mean everywhere! When I went to fire it, the pistol cycled just fine, aside from Old Faithful jumping out the ejection port on the first shot, it went on to fire all 26 BBS just fine, feeling and hearing normal, no weird disturbances. That was so impressive to me! That snow was fresh powder and the gun was freezing cold. I am not exaggerating. The thing is reliable and durable as any, just like my KJW M9. They both score the highest points from in durability and reliability. Although Airsoft guns don't have gunpowder you don't really need to clean these all the time either. The silicon in your Green Gas or propane (assuming you added silicon to propane of course) does a fine job cleaning it up.

I obviously made sure to clean all the water out after I was done shooting, and smothering it in silicon to prevent rusting, but if you take care of these guns, meaning cleaning them, and not being irresponsible they will last you a very long time. I was going to test it on mud, but I figured I would not do so as it would definitely break any Gas Blow-Back. The mud could have some foreign matter in it that could get in the blow-back chamber and render the gun useless. Aside from the fact that the metal scratches easily, it does provide a good shield against internal components breaking if the pistol is dropped, unlike the more gas efficient (less shiny) metal slide.

So as I said before the Cybergun/KJW P226 scores in top in the Durability/Reliability field from me.


Field-Stripping the P226 is cake. Just remove the magazine and pull down the take-down lever on the left side of the pistol clockwise. Remove the slide, then proceed to removing the recoil spring, by compressing it, and pulling it out of the slot it is in. After that is done remove your barrel. Then use silicon as needed. (View video above for more details.) The Re-Assembly is pretty much the exact opposite, except when you put the slide back on, it is much easier to return the take-down lever to it's normal position if you position the slide about halfway through a cycle.


If you are looking for a handgun that will do you good in an actual Airsoft field then this will be a great choice for you. As I mentioned above this P226 replica is super durable and reliable, and you will not have to worry about it breaking down in the field. It performs well shooting about 300-330 FPS out of the box with .2g BBS. The hop-up is adjustable even though I rarely use it in a pistol. The gun will give you a good 30 yards of accuracy if you need to fire quickly. The P226 gives about 35-40 yards of man sized accuracy if you have the ability to take your time and put a great shot on target. The sights are pretty good looking, just standard white dot tactical sights.

This gun is pretty gas efficient for how heavy the slide is. You can get 2-3 magazines on one fill of gas, if you wait 10 minutes between firing. That to me is what should be expected though, it is a P226 so it is not huge like a 1911 by any means. Just imagine the performance you could get out of it with a plastic slide, and some upgrades! You would have yourself a great shooter on your hands!

The cold weather gas-efficiency has already been mentioned. If the magazine is already cold then I say you get about 7-15 shots out of it. If you are just getting the cold you can expect one complete magazine on one fill. That isn't to bad at all.

Aftermarket Parts/Potential

Now here is the great thing about KJW pistols. They are basically metal clones of Tokyo Marui guns. That means you can upgrade these things however you please. Whether you want aesthetics, (threaded barrels, flush with slide barrels, suppressors, plastic slides etc.) or performance (Tight bore barrels, high-flow valves, recoil springs, pistons, blow-back chambers etc.) it is all there for you, depending on what you like.

This gives KJW pistols enormous amounts of potential for a cheap price. KJW pistols generally run from $100 USD to $140 USD. They run great for how cheap they are and with that price tag maybe you can afford some great upgrades for your new pistol.

Well that is my overview of the Cybergun SIG Sauer P226 manufactured by KJW. I hope you enjoyed the videos and that you are satisfied with my review and results that I typed and talked about. Thanks for watching/reading and have a great day!
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