[GBBR] KWA LM4 - 1.5k rounds mark

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[GBBR] KWA LM4 - 1.5k rounds mark

Postby Honoured1 » Thu May 24, 2012 10:12 am

The LM4 was a highly anticipated release. KWA is renown for making reliable guns and I don’t think this will be an exception. This rifle was designed to be a training tool for real steel firearms, and I think that for the most part, it is a good tool for training.

This review is at this gun’s 1500 round mark. I decided to write this review to before I change out my externals. I'll update again in a few months with the 10k report. So, here we go.


It comes in a new box, with some goodies. The box looks different than my normal HK guns, probably because they don’t have a licence for trademarks.


Inside, the gun was in styrofoam. I got a nifty and very easy and effective speed loader for the magazines, Hopup adjustment tool, two KWA stickers, my magazine, red barrel plug, manuals, and of course, the rifle. Note that there wasn’t the standard small bottle of oil. I’ll get back to that.


It looks like a standard M4, it is a standard M4. I don’t know why KWA didn’t opt for the cut off rear sight, or a flip sight for the back. I hate the handle.
The handguard, stock, and grip seem to be made of a high quality polymer. They feel very nice. I’ve heard from a KWA rep that the grip is proprietary, however, I’ve seen videos on youtube of magpul MIAD grips on these. I cannot test this. I would assume that it is real steel compatible, because everything else on this gun is real steel compatible, keeping with the theme that it’s a training tool.
There’s a false gas tube, which is a nice touch. I can’t get the plastic foregrip to budge to take it off to show you.
The Bolt release is VERY stiff, and requires a good push or a really good slap to work.
Here’s some photos.


As you can see, they gave you a very nice ambidextrous sling mount. I’ll be replacing mine for a real steel Magpul ASAP.

The magazine has some curiosities to it. There’s a split in the mag, and I don’t know why they did this. The feed lip is polymer, so that if it breaks, it’s an easy replace, as this part does tend to wear down. Paint seems to be... spotty? Light use, and it’s wearing in high use spots. I have two mags at the moment, and the build quality is inconsistent. The mag that came with my gun seems to be slightly less quality than the spare I got.


Overall, I’d say the externals are pretty decent. The paint wears in high use areas, but this is to be expected with gas guns like this that require constant manipulation of the charging handle, bolt release, and reloads.


Something I cringed at was the plastic bolt nozzle, plastic reinforcement, and the magazine feed lips at first. However, I own a KWA Mp7, so I know that this is pretty standard for KWA. When I think about it, it’s smart. The plastic on these areas gives less hardness to impacts. I have a feeling I didn’t explain that well. Plastic usually has more flex than steel, so by making every part that impacts one another polymer, it gives every part a tiny bit of flex, which I think will lead to longevity. My MP7 is 10K rounds in, and going strong.


That being said, the trigger box is steel. The hammer has a roller on it that will extend reliability and lifespan of this high use item.


It seems this system was mostly based off of the WA system. However, it seems that with the current additions that the system will last.


The buffer is polymer.


Performance: (Results with Green Gas, 90 F degree temperature)

An annoyance of the gun is the inability to release the bolt by a firm tug of the bolt when it is locked. This may annoy some real steel guys, but I’ve always tapped the release. The gun will not go into safe if the hammer is at rest.

I seem to be consistently getting two mags, or 80 shots, out of one charge.

The juice of it... Firing this gun is a pleasure. Once you go gas, there’s no going back to AEGs. The recoil is nice, but is very controllable. With a proper stance, you shouldn’t have much if any muzzle drift. I’ve only used this rifle in a CQB arena, and I couldn’t attest to accuracy or hop up or anything until I left and went home. I went outside to adjust the hop up and sight the rifle, and fired a few rounds with it. (.25s)

My jaw dropped. This gun belts .25s like .12s. After a very straight 150-200’ run, my shot curved up like it was cheap wally world ammo. I don’t have anything heavier to test this with, nor do I have any targets to show you groupings, but I have this. I shot at a tree with my too-light ammo.

Out of ten rounds, two fell short. Three were flung like flea market .12s. 5 impacted a man sized tree trunk. I paced the distance out, estimating my stride at 1 yard. I counted 88 strides. With NO hopup adjustment, this gun can hit a man sized target at approximately 250 feet.

I’ll try to report back with .28s and .30s.

Externals: 9/10
Internals: 8/10
Performance: 9/10
Total: 8.6/10


I'm pretty satisfied with my new rifle and I look forward to having a nice long 12" rail system, dual optics, MOE parts... etc.
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