SRC M4 review By: Tim Seargeant @ AirsoftGI

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SRC M4 review By: Tim Seargeant @ AirsoftGI

Postby faden » Mon Jul 21, 2008 8:32 am

SRC has done it Again!

By: Tim Seargeant


When SRC released their Gen II AKs to us we were astonished by the build quality inside and out. Now that they have given us their Gen II M4 model rifles it is apparent that SRC wants to be taken seriously as an airsoft manufacturer. Not once, but twice SRC has surprised us with the quality of their airsoft guns. Yet again SRC is providing an incredible quality gun for an extremely affordable price. If you are considering a new airsoft gun and overlook SRC then you are going to miss out on a great product.

The aesthetic characteristics on this airsoft gun are standard for any M4; birdcage flash hider, triangle front sight, barrel mounted sling adaptor, removable carry handle, and retractable stock. The biggest change, in the way of looks, that SRC made to their new M4s is the color. The Gen I M4s by SRC had a black stock, hand guard, and barrel assembly, but a brownish gray metal body. These new Gen II M4s are all black, and it looks great. Any airsoft gun can be made to look good, but it’s HOW it’s made and WHAT it is made out of that really makes or breaks the manufacturer.

There is only one word to accurately describe the construction of the SRC M4, sturdy. During the initial test fire for internal durability I fired and maneuvered around the walk in store as if I were in a real game. The stock is attached firmly onto the upper receiver which provides stability while firing. The two piece outer barrel eliminates barrel wobble and provides a sturdy platform so the hand guard does not move either. Finally, the metal construction of the upper and lower receiver fit tightly against each other providing a well rounded airsoft gun.

Not only does the SRC M4 have sound exterior components, but the internals are equally substantial. We consistently fired the SRC M4 on full auto until the motor was too hot to handle with our bare hands. So we put gloves on and fired the gun until we ran out of BBs in our container. Once those were gone we refilled the container and still continued to fire the gun on full auto until finally the boss decided the gun wasn’t going to break. At full auto with the suggested 8.4v battery the gun shot 17 BBs per second at 360 feet per second. All that and a bag of chips, as they say, this high performance airsoft gun with high quality exterior construction comes at a very low cost.

The M4 is without a doubt the most popular gun in airsoft, and SRC is now providing a great M4 for an unbelievably low price. The sooner you start to realize the great quality of the new SRC guns the sooner you can be having a great time playing airsoft and saving a lot of money doing so.


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