SRC AK review By: Tim Seargeant @ AirsoftGI

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SRC AK review By: Tim Seargeant @ AirsoftGI

Postby faden » Mon Jul 21, 2008 8:34 am

Everybody knows that saying, “You get what you pay for.” Literally speaking, of course, when you pay money for something there is a tangible exchange of goods for the money surrendered, but figuratively that saying implies that the best type of goods available are the most expensive. For many years this saying has applied to every kind of consumer good, including airsoft guns, but not any more. SRC has broken that tradition and produced a very good quality airsoft gun for an extremely affordable price. SRC’s new line up of AK47 rifles and RPK support guns come complete with a full metal and real wood finish exterior, and with full metal hop up and gearbox. A gun with characteristics like that normally costs around $500.00 but SRC is providing both guns for less than $400.00. Of course looks are not everything, you may be skeptical about the internal reliability of the SRC gearbox, but don’t worry because Airsoft GI has put these guns to the test and they have performed well beyond our expectations. Shopping for the right airsoft gun can sometimes be confusing and that is why Airsoft GI is dedicated to providing as much information as possible about the new products making their way into the market.

The best way to describe the looks of the new SRC AK47 is traditional. Lately the newest releases of the AK47 have been “tactical” black plastic, but the new SRC AK’s are like a blast from the past with traditional black metal body and barrel with wood stock, pistol grip and front hand guard. Everybody that plays airsoft does so because they want realistic airsoft guns, well this is as real as it gets. Many retired Marines who served overseas have picked up the new SRC AK47 and their reactions are all the same, “Wow this feels so much like the real thing!” I would not hesitate to say that the new SRC AK47 and RPK are the best AK gun variants on the market right now, especially for the price.

Not only do the SRC AK’s come with great exteriors, but the internal stock parts are comparable with upgrade aftermarket parts from the world renowned airsoft company, Systema! Yes, you did read that correctly, SRC is on par with Systema. It’s mind boggling to think about, that you can actually buy a gun and use it right out of the box and it will perform just as good and be just as reliable as your friends upgraded gun that cost hundreds more. Just how good are these parts? Let’s put it this way; since the first day we received the new SRC RPK, which has the same internals as the AK47, we’ve fired a little more than 100,000 rounds at full auto, and after the first internal inspection the piston barely showed any visible wear. Keep in mind that these guns are shooting between 350 and 375 fps, so we are not talking about a weak spring. Since 100,000 rounds wasn’t enough to break the piston we put everything back together and fired some more box magazines through it, and we are happy to say that the RPK is still in fantastic working order and is sitting on display in our walk-in store. 100,000 rounds of constant firing at over 350fps is harsh treatment for a gearbox and its internal parts to undertake, but the RPK handled it with ease, and it is ready for more. With the RPK able to take that kind of abuse it makes it the ideal support gun for anybody looking to fill that role.

You already know that the SRC AK47 is a bargain but wait until you compare the price specs of the RPK against other support machine gun manufacturers.

The SRC RPK is clearly the best choice for any airsoft support gunner. The RPK is the lightest and cheapest solution for squad support fire. The weight of the support gun, or lack there of, is the most important factor because that is what limits or allows certain players to fill the roll of squad support. Typically the only guys that are capable of squad support are the biggest and tallest due to the fact that they have to fire over their teammates and be strong enough to hold the gun; but once again SRC has stepped outside the box and produced a support gun that can be lifted by just about any able bodied player.

There is a new wave of airsoft guns being released for the new wave of player. In addition to looking realistic, shooting hard and straight, and having a high rate of fire, these new airsoft guns are becoming more practical for the user. Practicality in reference to the stock, its just large enough to fit a 9.6v large battery pack which is ideal for players who want to play all day without having to worry about a dying battery. SRC is leading the way with theses new AK47s and RPKs making them affordable, realistic, light weight, and reliable. No matter what your opinion is of SRC; no matter what kind of airsoft guns they have made before now; you cannot deny that their new AK47 is a good rifle, or that the RPK is a good support gun. On top of the gun’s great looks and performance SRC has added icing to the cake, a 60 day manufacturer warranty, making it the second company (Echo1 being the first) to back their products with a guarantee. Honestly, you cannot go wrong with the SRC AK47 AEGs, they are made for the smart shopper and the smart player. If more companies start making their airsoft guns of the same quality and price of these new SRC guns then the future of airsoft is going to be very exciting!

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Re: SRC AK review By: Tim Seargeant @ AirsoftGI

Postby kalashnikov » Sun Aug 03, 2008 6:33 am

Are you talking about the RPK or all in their ak series?
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Re: SRC AK review By: Tim Seargeant @ AirsoftGI

Postby ASGI Tim » Sun Aug 03, 2008 10:05 am

The RPK and AK are reviewed in this article. you'll have to visit the website to see the entire thing

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