Rules for the Out of State Airsoft Topic

For any out of state airsoft event or topic
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Rules for the Out of State Airsoft Topic

Postby cat61986 » Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:37 am

This topic is strictly for outside-of-California games, teams, and locations to play airsoft/paintball. All other discussions about airsoft should be done in the other appropriate topics (ex. talking about an AEG should still be under the AEG topic; talking about your ASGI order should still be under Airsoft GI Product Discussion). If you are only advertising stores or your own personal merchandise, your posts will be promptly deleted because we do not allow free advertising.

1) Same general forum rules/constitution apply. Make sure to read the Constitution before posting in this topic. Banning will occur if a member decides to abuse this topic.
2) PLEASE state the state and city in which you are posting about in your subject heading in the following manner: "|CA| Airsoft Day, Long Beach, CA 1/1/2009"
3) If your post is about an Operation or a big event, tag it with an [OP] and the important info, as seen in Rule #2. The admins will later sticky the event.
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