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Need a ride from Fulda to Richmond, VA

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2013 4:12 pm
by TheGrillSgt
Hey guys GrillSgt here, I used to live in Richmond so you can imagine how jealous I've been lately.

I was supposed to meet my old roomate at Fulda and ride back to RVA with him, as my wife is headed up that Friday for a vacation.

However he cannot get off from work to attend.

Is there anyone available to help me out here? I promiose I am a real person, and I don't rape or kill or steal. I can pay for gas, and anywhere in the Richmond area is fine, I can get a ride from there. I am hoping that due to GI tactical being in southside some people will be on here or that maybe they even have a few people going, despite Lion Claws being that weekend....

I can give you my facebook info and real name If you want to check me out for safety purposes.