Airguns & Airsoft ‘Steal’ the Steels From Firearms

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Airguns & Airsoft ‘Steal’ the Steels From Firearms

Postby shootright » Sat Apr 05, 2014 10:11 pm

Airguns and Airsoft offer an excellent alternative to firearms, and as a tool to maintain proficiency with firearm skills. They also assist the shooter with an easier transition into firearms, as many of today’s products are excellent mimics to firearms. As well, it is easier to correct shooting mistakes when teaching techniques using these choices.

International Air Steels Program (IASP) is shooting any CO2 or gas powered multi-shot air-pistol/rifle or airsoft pistol/rifle that is similar in design to any “real steel” semi automatic rifle, pistol or revolver. It is a totally inclusive sport with shooters of all ages (8 – adult) and abilities competing together. Safety is a priority so those new to the sport will be required to have a safe gun handling course. It is very necessary to understand all safety, range commands, rules, body position, grip & hold.

Arizona Airgun/Airsoft program made the NRA Blog ... x#continue

This is a Airsoft Only Action Steel Target Match
The match will follow IASP rules.
$20 entry fee
April 12th 8am-10am @ Tempe Paintball
1401 S. McClintock Rd., Tempe AZ
Register Today!
For more details visit Tempe Facebook page

Match Sponsor: Umarex will provide prizes of this match.
If you want to become a sponsor contact Rob with Shoot Right [email protected]
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Re: Airguns & Airsoft ‘Steal’ the Steels From Firearms

Postby Downs » Sun Apr 27, 2014 6:34 pm

That is very cool and that's coming from a long time USPSA/IDPA shooter here. Wish more stuff like this would pop up over the country. A lot cheaper than shooting real ammo haha.
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