Has the G4 Internals recently been revised?

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Has the G4 Internals recently been revised?

Postby Maxbrokeaway » Mon Mar 14, 2011 10:00 am

I've seen a multitude of old Youtube reviews of the G4 series with the chrono sheet saying they were shooting around 330-350.

But recently I've seen 2 newer reviews and the chrono for those were 420+. I recently received my G4 and it's sheet said 430fps.

Most of the reviews I've seen for the internals say the internals are good as long as you leave it stock, that being said, their weapons were in the 330-350 fps range.

Also i noticed I have a newer logo on my G4, its not the clown anymore...this leads me to my actual question:

Have the G4's been revised lately? Obviously, the newer G4's are shooting harder than the older ones...so has their internals been revised as well? If an ASGI employee can post on this it would be awesome.



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