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Re: G4 Pics

Postby TheImado » Sun Jul 24, 2011 4:09 pm

Here's my G4-A3, well what used to be a G4-A3:
This pic is a little cluttered, but you get the point.
Magpul PTS PRS in FDE
Leapers illuminated 3-9x40 scope w/ high riser (I have better rings on it now though).
Element brand Noveske 12.5" RIS
Replica AFG in FDE
Custom long JBU mock suppressor

Firefly air nozzle
ARS MASK cylinder head
G&P Explosive piston head
G&P white piston (5 metal teeth)
ARS Cratus 400 Competition spring
Madbull bearing spring guide
G&P 8mm bearings
G&P M120 high speed motor
Hunterseeker Armory MOSFET
*Running on an Elite 9.6v 3300mah battery*
*All other parts are stock, however few that is*

Performance: 25rps @ 400fps (very consistant, only +/- 1 on chrono)

I am currently testing a flat hop mod for better accuracy, but Hunterseeker's "patches" may be the better route.
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Re: G4 Pics

Postby Ryan_1412 » Fri Sep 23, 2011 7:20 am

does any one have any pics on G4A3 DMR??

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