G4, Gen II vs. Killer Lipo

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Re: G4, Gen II vs. Killer Lipo

Postby Silversage95 » Tue Apr 20, 2010 7:35 pm

Seriously guys, stop arguing, this is just a stupid forum for gods sake. It's kind of sad to see people post pages just arguing over some stupid matter like this one, what do you all have no life or something? stop trying to change each-others minds, you are all entitled to your own opinion, don't force it on somebody else. Grow up and show some respect for each other.
Kind of back on the forum. I will occasionally post when I have nothing to do. Still will respond to pm's as normal if I home and paying attention.

Best regards, the new and improved Silversage/Silverherb/Silverware/etc etc.

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