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WTS: |AEG| Echo1 M4 - $250
WTT: |OTR| PS1 for Wii

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Postby Rooster21 » Sat Jan 03, 2015 11:13 pm

I'm looking for G & P m249 Para's, Must work, must have working auto box mag, and be somewhat ready to take to the field! Body doesn't have to be in awesome shape, bi pod can be gone, do not need Ranger grip, would like it to still have the dummy 5.56NATO belt. MUST HAVE ALL OF THE RAILS THAT CAME ON THE GUN!

I had one for years and loved it, it finally crapped out and parts are not easy to get even from G & P, this is why I need a working one. I can always repaint and fix a working gear box and auto mag.

As The Subject already said, I am willing to buy/Trade and will pay for shipping if buying.

I have custom painted Forest Camo KWA M4 2GX, a crap ton of mid caps and headsets, as well as other gear. Am willing to trade gun for gun, or gear and money, or just put right pay for it. I will NOT be paying for the gun and trading my gun, I will NOT pay full shipping for trades, that will be split between the two of us, If you want photos, I can post them of the gear/gun.

I would like photos of the M249 as well, If I buy out-right, I will pay for the gun and shipping, If it dose not arrive in as good of shape/in non working condition, I will be requesting a full refund on the gun and shipping costs.

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