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WTS: |GBB| KSC Glock 17 + 3 mags

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 5:46 pm
by Rcon112
Selling my HFC Glock 17 with 3 fully functional magazines. I've used this as my trusted side-arm for several years. She has served me faithfully into every fight. She has a minor problem with gas consumption. I'm not a tech so I don't know much about internals, but I would guess a tune up kit would have her running better than new. It's also missing a front sight which fell off furring a battle.

I'm looking to get around $100 for everything. I'm willing to ship outside of united states but I will not be responsible for shipping charges.

I am willing to negotiate pricing!

all sales are final! no returns!

I have pictures but they aren't uploading send me a PM if your interested in pics.