HELP! W.E. open bolt M4a1 misfeed

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HELP! W.E. open bolt M4a1 misfeed

Postby EchoDelta » Wed May 21, 2014 2:35 am

I having a HUGE problem with my WE m4 open bolt gbb, what happen is when I pull the charging handle it functions properly and put's one bb on the chamber and fire properly then i would not load any bb's anymore I would need to pull the charging handle again to chamber another bb again and this became very irritating, this happen on all 15 mags I tested, I can feel the bolt carrier moves all the way back cause I can feel a really strong recoil and bye the way I have a real steel buffer installed functions like a angry gun buffer for we m4 and fits perfectly, tried installing the stock buffer still the same, any way I use green gas. what I did is check my mag, mag lip, mag spring, cleaned everything in the gun, re-lube it with just the right amount, check if the return spring on the loading nozzle is still OK and it is, no cracks on the loading nozzle, on the mag lip or anywhere. The clues i have is, some times the loading nozzle would get stocked like there's something blocking it, but when I tried to slowly return the bolt carrier the loading nozzle it would return properly once it hits the bb, my second clue is I notice when when I pull the bolt carrier back I can see the loading nozzle going slightly up wards I don't know if that is normal or what. Please can anyone help me? I really love this gun, its my best performing gun I have better than my Taniokoba m4

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