Red Storm Part 2 from Airsoft GI and lots more!

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Red Storm Part 2 from Airsoft GI and lots more!

Postby Official G4 MOD » Thu Apr 14, 2011 11:38 am

Airsoft GI - OPLCMSS Presents Operation Red Storm 2 Part 2 - Tactical Nuke

Operation Red Storm is a two day, weekend long event. Here is Bob's account of the second day.

Airsoft GI - Tim, Bob, and John Lu Talk about Airsoft GI

We've interviewed John numerous times on Airsoft GI TV. This time he thought it might be cool if he interviewed us.

Airsoft GI - Military Vehicles Association from Red Storm 2

Ever wonder who brings all of these awesome vehicles with guns to John Lu games? Well Bob has been wondering that for years and he now gets his answers.

Airsoft GI - Bob Chats with New Lion Claws Angels Amy and Lisa

Watch out, these girls are not to be messed with. They know martial arts and they are quickly learning how to play airsoft.

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