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Paintball scenerios

Postby marpatginger » Thu Dec 13, 2012 9:11 pm

Ive watched the recent video about Paintball vs Airsoft. I play both actively. I've been to that Oklahoma Dday game you guys talked about and I was in the 101st airborne with 200 hundred guys on one team. This past year there was 3500 to 4000 people and it lasts for a whole week. The smallest game was 500 vs 500. Theyve never had 5000 yet but almost have. Ive also played with the owner of the FULDA GAP field at oklahoma dday and they have a Fulda Gap airsoft and Paintball game. He plays on the Enlish team. I play giant scenario paintball games and weekend skirmish 150+ guy airsoft games every 2 weeks. I have fun playing both. The reason I play airsoft is cuz I dont want to blow my whole paycheck. The reason I play paintball is to be apart of huge battles with chaos. I am going to the paintball super game in oregon with 1000 people in may and I hope to go to bob vs tim 4 but the plane ticket is expensive

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