Bad experiance with Dman3412 and his friend Alex Thoeny

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Bad experiance with Dman3412 and his friend Alex Thoeny

Postby Age » Tue May 01, 2012 3:52 pm

I would be very cautious when doing buisness with dman or his "friend" Alex. Threads are rarely made for bad buyers, mostly bad sellers, but unfortunetly I have had some trouble doing business with him so this post is just here to warn others. Dman's friend Alex Thoeny sent me a gun to be fine tuned, and everything went mostly as planed. When he got his gun back, he sent me an email claiming the gun malfunctioned, and he also stated that he modified the gun. I have a screen shot of this message to prove it, which can be found in Dman's thread before this one. The main issue here is that one of Alex's messages has a conflicting date and time with mine. The only thing this proves is that there is a conflict, and a conflict without definite proof for either side, but even without proof or reason he goes on to say I am at fault. Neither he nor I can prove which one is "real" (who's to say his message isnt edited?) which simply turns this into a "he said she said" type of conversation where both parties go at eachother without proof to backup either side. The other issues here is that he censors all his personal info, yet exposes all of mine. This is clearly an act of fear and/or guilt. Why would someone hide all of their info, yet expose someone else without definitive proof? He is obviously showing signs that he is the one at fault. He is trying to make up a story to get me to pay for a gun that he modified and damaged on his own behalf.

Bottom line, if you plan on doing business with dman or Alex, please be careful when you do, or better yet don't do it at all. I don't want anyone going through the difficulties I did, he is a trouble maker and should be avoided.
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Re: Bad experiance with Dman3412 and his friend Alex Thoeny

Postby caruolo » Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:45 pm

This is absolutely absurd. I censored my info BECAUSE I dont want other people contacting me for this and that. Also, some of the information censored is because it was my father's paypal I was using, including my address.

First and FOREMOST, after I sent it in for tuning, I NEVER received MY personal gun back. Long story short, I sent the gun for tuning, and he kept on delaying and postponing. One excuse was valid, and it was that a storm hit his area. The original tracking # he gave me was invalid, I called USPS themselves and they said it was false. When I asked him to give me the tracking # again, he said that he already told me and he wasn't going to tell me again (VERY suspicious if you ask me).

MAJOR POINT: The email he showed to an admin that "I" sent was EDITED, easily recognizable by the fuzzy areas (in other words, sections that were copy and pasted over). That email stated that I received my gun (which is FALSE, I never received my gun). When this whole thing started, I sent my gun because I *JUST* started AIRSOFT, and a friend recommended him to me. I did my research, and figured that this guy was decent. If I sent you my gun, and your work is much better, why would I mod it myself? Also, *If* i did EVER receive the gun and it was malfunctioning, you had it right there on your website that you have a life-time warranty and you would check it for free. Your arguments are completely false in every way. Where is your website now? It seems it disappeared into thin air.

Before I saw this post:
I never received my gun back, but I couldn't file a report with police or anything like that due to personal issues (family related). I was OVER this because you do learn about things in life the hard way and I thought AJ O'Brien (Age) had learned his lesson. But judging from this post, you have not.

Dman: He is a friend of mine, who tried to help me through this. He is completely unrelated to the transaction, yet you put blame on him. Isn't that unethical? You scammed me about 300$ worth of stuff, yet you say I'm lying and also blame Dman.

One last point: He completely ignored my emails and PM's on multiple airsoft forums. On AirsoftMechanics, a very popular airsoft Forum related to advanced teching, he has been posted as a "User to avoid."

I seriously thought that you were a respectable Technician. I was over this because I learned my lesson. Now that you brought it up, I hope it you regret it. Doing this is completely unjustified in every manner what so ever. The only trouble maker here is you, yet you don't want to admit to it.

Directly to Age himself: You know what you inspired me to be? A tech for my area who will not pull any scams on anybody, ever. I want people to respect me for my work. I have been learning for awhile now, and I definitely will never pull something off like you did.

Caruolo (Alex Thoeny)

Edit: I actually just remembered and reviewed the email convo. Before Age stopped replying to me, he said he contacted USPS and that they were issuing a refund. After that, it was more postponing. Sadly, he stopped replying to me after I sent 5 emails regarding the refund that were spaced about 10 days apart. In no way is it justified scamming a new player in airsoft, and then falsely telling others Im lying.

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