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Epic Skills +1

Postby NorthernHurricane7 » Mon Nov 12, 2012 6:54 pm

I've ordered several MOSFET's and fuses from him, along with wiring. A couple days slow sometimes, but it's always an understandable delay if there is one. Great customer service. When he found out that some MOSFET's I had bought had a mislabeled part in them (not his fault, the electronic part distributor's issue), he contacted me and traded me a corrected unit. He tests all of his MOSFET's before he ships them out, so you are pretty much guaranteed not to get a dead unit. Terrific prices also!

In short, I haven't had any issues with him as a seller or with his customer support. Great products at great prices delivered in good time with exceptional customer support.
kbman99 wrote: No problem man. I mean thats what the forum is for [it] is for questions and helping others.

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