Dye Tactical Face Masks

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Dye Tactical Face Masks

Postby kbman99 » Wed Jan 04, 2012 7:59 pm

So just saw the new face masks they put up. Looking to get the i4 one with the multicam like design. I just got a Empire mask for Christmas, but I don't really like it so I'm looking to get one of those :)
They look very low profile, comfortable, quality made and good protection.
Starting at $49.95 all the way up to $134.95 they are very expensive, but the quality shows with the price.
Any other thoughts?

Dye Tactical Pro Axis Thermal Full Face Mask (OD Camo)

Dye Tactical Pro Axis Thermal Full Face Mask (Black)

Dye Tactical i4 Thermal Full Face Mask (DyeCam)

Dye Tactical i4 Thermal Full Face Mask (Tiger Grey)

Dye Tactical i4 Thermal Full Face Mask (Black)

Dye Tactical Pro i3 Thermal Full Face Mask (OD)

Dye Tactical Proto Switch FS Anti-Fog Full Face Mask (Black)

Dye Tactical Proto Switch FS Anti-Fog Full Face Mask (Camo)
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Re: Dye Tactical Face Masks

Postby blackrain02 » Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:31 am

I own the DYE I3. Have for a few yrs. THey are ok,but to be honest DYEs customer service really sucks. I also use a sly prohet mask as well. Also the fan for the I3/I4 is about $50 and doesn't work very well.

I have recently started using this mask. I'm not sure how popular RAP4 is around here,but in my 25 yrs of paintball,I think I have found a mask that I haven't been able to fog except under controlled situations. Hope this helps:

This is not completed. I hear not alot of people like this mask because of the look and company. but I have to see for myself. You guys know me, I don't believe anyone :D


16 Dec 2011

I have unpacked the mask and helmet. I have already noticed the helmet is to small. I've contacted the folks I bought this from and they are ordering me a large for exchange. That's excellent customer service.

The mask fits well, but the ear foam could use some improvement. I'll post pictures later.

31 Dec 2011:

I am becoming quite impressed with this goggle system. There were several people fogging up. I have yet to even get a hint of fogging. I've been shot in the mask and lens several times without damage. Breathing/air flow is still going strong. So far I have had only good results.

4 Feb 2012:

So today I tried once again to try and fog the Hawkeye Tactical. It has to be the foam that is the secret. I was sweating in about 55 deg temp today (In Japan). Small breeze. In 25 yrs of playing I have never had a mask that would not fog.
Tomorrow my Sunday your Saturday, I will conduct the shower test. I have a 6x8 bathroom. I will sit inside it with the door closed,turn on a hot water shower and sit in there for about 15 mins to see how long it takes to fog the mask. If this doesn't do it, I don't know what will. More to report later. :)

5 Feb 2012:

So I have some results from shower steam. I tested the hawkeye mask in my bathroom with hot steamy shower. I put the mask on to see how long it would take to fog up the lens. now to be fair, the test was conducted in a very small room. I have yet to be in a room under these conditions while playing paintball. I just got frustrated because I could not fog this goggel system up during normal playing conditions.

Room Size:
47in-1/2 wide x 70in-1/2 long x 82 in high

Japanese bathrooms are not very big in economy housing. I began the test at 6:05 pm. After a min the mirror started to fog. At 9 mins after the lens began to fog. I was still able to read item and see clear. At 10 after I turned off the water and walked into the next room. The mask began to clear almost instantly. Not a breeze in sight.

As you can see in the photos the bathroom is very small. As far as I'm concerned these are a great set of goggels and I plan to continue using this system for a very long time. I'm not trying to be a fan boy,I'm just a player looking for a set of goggels that won't fog up :)

I still have a lot of testing to do in other types of enviroments. This is just my over seas testing. I'll have more results as the Spring and Summer months approach.






RAP4 Hawkeye Tactical Goggle:

Real Action Paintball


I decided to puchase the Tan version. I have or had to many black mask in the past. Need a little color :) We all know that black is like a solor battery and just absorbes heat.


Product description from RAP4:

RAP4 Hawkeye paintball goggle and tactical helmet package comes ready for tactical paintball. The helmet provides your back and top protection with comfort. You can remove the helmet with a snap with out hindrance. The Hawkeye goggle provide wide clear view with anti-fog protection. This goggle package has all the elements to keep you protected in the game.

The RAP4 Hawkeye paintball goggle is designed with these key features:
- 190° Wide Angle view for better peripheral vision
- Flexible Cheek Protector for comfort and better aiming
- Head Strap to keep goggle from falling down
- Chin Strap to keep goggle safely in place
- Dual Lens with Anti-Fog Treatment
- Compatible with helmets
- ASTM Tested


Mask and Helmet combo:

I purchased the combination of these two items, because:

1- It looks Tacticool (bet you never thought you would hear me say that).

2- I liked the way it looked and the features it has.

3- The helmet to mask combo is perfect. I like this style of helmet (I know skate board helmet), low profile, lite weight and I can have it hydrographed at a later date.

4- Because everyone said it sucked. This usually means most people don't know what they are talking about :), because half the time it's just second and third hand information. Those who have first hand info, I tend to run with it and evaluate from there :)

5- I like that it's one of the only mask you can use with a helmet combination and the company shows it pictured.


The helmet internal:

The picture basically describes what's inside and what it's made of.


Thermal Lens:

Let's see how these work, I bought two sets. I'm not getting caught again without back up lens. It can ruin your game,especially if there isn't a shop for a 1000+ miles.


So here we go again. I've seem to have taken a liking to this goggle system. Reasons are above. You can bet I will put this mask thru the test. I'll beat it down and then beat it some more just for good measures. I want to see how really tactical this system is. RAP4 gets a bad name sometimes and to be honest I have never had an issue with anything I bought from them.

I just wish I could find out the history behind this mask, as in what company actually makes this for them. You can bet your bottom dollar that more pictures are going to follow along with on and off field evaluations.

I'm excited to really get my hands on this piece of equipment. I know a few people have given information on this system, but I just have to see for myself. This might turn into everyday use mask or into a loaner. Never know what I'll do after an evaluation of equipment. As always I will be very honest in my review. Might make some people mad and some happy. Might even get a few of
"THE EXPERTS" that know everything there is about paintball saying "I'm full of it".

So let's see where we go from here.

Mask Feel and quality:

Well whoever said it is rubber is wrong. It has the plastic feel. However RAP4 says it's rubber. Perhaps it's a combination. It seems very durable. I'm positive this mask can take a close up shot at 300 FPS without damage. The feel of the mask is very smooth. Minor feel of mold flashing. No biggy,doesn't harm performance. I've felt flashing on more expensive face masks as well.

Over all no sharp edges around the whole mask.

As written in description, there is flexability in the lower portion of the mask. Not as everyone would think. It wouldn't really be noticable unless it's resting against a butt stock or bottle and I really doubt then. I'll test this out during play. So far this is a decent quality mask.

The upper head strap is adjustable and is comfortable,I can't even tell it's there. The chin strap, to be very honest is on the way out. It's only held in with a peg style pin on each strap.

Lens quality:

The lens quality seems fine. Double pane thermal. I haven't noticed any areas that have or are lifting. The lens seem very durable and match anything out there as far as quality and manufacter standards. They do meet the ANSI specs. The lens are secured very well in the mask. The RAP4 video does not exaggerate on how to pull them out.

The field of view is excellent. 190* is alot field of view. The lens is even a Bubble like form. Kind of like a pilots lens and others that are on the market of other paintball mask. I really like the bubble style lens. Just adds to the view in my opinion. Plus in my opinion allows air to circulate better in the mask. Giving the flow of air something to hit and flow either upwards or down wards causing less chance of fogging. However that is just my opinion.

Helmet and mask feel and fit:

I tried on the mask and helmet. Helmet was a size "M". Way to small for my head and proper fit. It just didn't look like the picture. So I contacted the vendor and they are sending me over a size "L". We'll see how that fits. I'm actually thinking an "XL" would be a better fit. I might have a large helmet in my shop to try out.

The mask fit well, but I didn't like the feel of the ear pads. They are just two square pads of foam. The existing pads seem a little thick, with not much flex. I think they should be half the thickness they are now. Not very comfortable, but I think I'll get used them,if not, time to modify with new ear foam.

26 Dec 2011:

Today I used this mask for a few games. The only fogging I got was my personal glasses. As most of you know I have that problem. With what I have coated on my ANSI impact lens, nothing can help my glasses within a concealed area. Enough of that.

It was a clear day (very cold 36*) and I was able to see fine. So off I go. Earlier I had mentioned discomfort with the mask, but to be honest I didn't feel any while I was playing. I used the mask in combination with my Global GenX Kevlar copy helmet.



Before I put on the mask,I did remove the mask chin strap. They just aren't my thing, plus it wasn't coming off, because the helmet has a chin strap.


One thing I did notice about the mask is the upper ventilation system. First part is at an angle, then there is ventilation above the lens as well. So it seems that the upper ventilation keeps the top of the head cool and then flows down into the lens area. Even with a helmet on and covering the ventilation, there was no fogging of any kind.




I did feel alot of ventilation with this mask. Especially in the nose area. I did find myself breathing better with this mask then others I have used. That's probably due to the "Nose" area formed as a nose with plenty of ventilation around and under the nose. This giving more area for the heavy breathing (for us out of shape round people) and hot breath to pass thru.


The mask is basically shaped to the "face contour" with exhaust vents being closer to the mouth and nose producing a faster access for hot breath to escape.


The only dissadvatage of all this excellent air flow, is the possiblity of tasting more paint or wiping more off your face. That to me is just a minor detail. Paint can be wiped off and away. I'm not some "pretty boy" who is looking to make a fashion statement on or off the field. To some players it matters, but not to me. I did take several face shots in the mask, so I have a little experience with this situation :D

The head strap worked well and was not noticeable or uncomfortable. The mask actuall felt very secure. I would put the double strap security right up there in comparison with the SLY double straps as far as a mask not slipping downward.


Weather conditions for testing:

As mentioned it was just about 36* the first day of of testing. However there are more testing days to follow, so Iam not give this mask an "A+" right away. If you know me, I going to test and beat the HELL out of this till Iam satisfied and can give an honest opinion about this product.

Test results and updates for the day of use:

This is where I will post all information of the days testing and it's results.

26 Dec 2011:

36* Test day #1. Why not test in cold weather :)

31 Dec 2011:

31*-40* Test day #2. Still no fog.

4 Feb 2012

Ikego Japan

50*-55* windy and cold. still no fog.

5 Feb 2012:

Yokosuka Japan:

In a very small bathroom with hot shower running. Finally able to fog lense. See results and pictures in updates.
I will run several games or what I can without defogger. Then I will apply as needed :)

Game use without Fog Doc:

So far I have not had to use Fog Doc nor any type of defogger. It has to be the foam and nose shape that has been added. The only Fog Doc product I have used so far is the cleaner. Which by the way has worked wonders for a clean lens :drool:


On field break down and cleaning:

The mask wiped off fine, without any issues. The lens cleaned up fine with out problems. I removed the lens for general purpose and as per the RAP4 video, they are very secured. You will have to give them a good tug when removing. I don't see these popping out on the field at anytime.

4 Feb 2012:

Once again I removed the lens for cleaning of paint. It gets easier the more you do this. Doesn't take long to remove,clean and replace the lens. The lens snap in better than other systems I have use, such as JTs and my DYE I3s.

Final thoughts and how would I improve it:

I am very happy with this purchase. I plan to use this system for a very long time. Only improvement I see is a faster lens removal system such as the SLY type system. I would not change the shape of the mask nor any of it's unique features. If the mask were to stay the same design, then so be it, I would still continue to use it.

However instead of offering the throat protection as an upgrade, I would offer it as a standard feature. PLAYERS SAFETY FIRST, DOLLARS SECOND.

This goggel system has alot of unique features that should never be changed. I feel that the nose piece is a unique feature that helps to keep this mask fog free. I have found myself breathing much better with this mask and often catch myself breathing only thru my nose as I should be.

I would continue to leave the harder foam on this mask. All the Hawkeyes should be sold with this type of foam. Get away from using the open cell stuff.

So what's my final evaluation of this system? You'll just have to wait till I'm done :)

This is not my full opinion, I have several more months to test and evaluate this mask. So far I have tested in the US and Japan in very cold weather. Results were very good. I should have fogged up,but didn't. I have tested using my Kevlar style helmet, which blocked the top vents,and still no fog.

I could only fog up in a small bathroom with a hot shower running,and even then I still had good vision.

I haven't even started to run this mask into the ground. So far Iam getting the results that I want. I would really like to say that this mask meets or exceeds the standards of those mask that are more expensive on the market. Only time will tell. So keep checking back and also let me know what you think.

Did I get my monies worth:

So far I feel I have gotten my monies worth. Except for the helmet not fitting. If I don't get a replacement, I can always sell it local. Still a great helmet for a young player to use. This is just the dissadvantage of having a fat head :ROTFL:

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Re: Dye Tactical Face Masks

Postby snipeakid » Wed Mar 21, 2012 12:28 pm

blackrain02 wrote:snip

this seems like a copy and paste job but I would post this in reviews.

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