Patriot Airsoft Games Canyon Country

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Patriot Airsoft Games Canyon Country

Postby arcticscythe » Mon Mar 21, 2011 2:17 am

Airsoft Gi Members,

Introducing Patriot Airsoft Games

I am working with an individual who is building a new airsoft park within the northern boundaries of Santa Clarita California. Located off Soledad canyon road formerly a movie ranch and filming lot the current owner is looking to convert the property to the best airsoft field in the valley. The current location is 5-6 miles off the Soledad exit on the i14 freeway nestled among the border of the Angeles forest with natural California foliage and during the wetter months a natural water feature. That park will be partitioned into 3 medium range fields, with concrete objective structures and relatively open lines of sight. There will also be one close quarter’s assault type field involving multiple buildings a long alleyway with motion friendly cover as well as an assault objective. Also there will be 2 wilderness/natural environment fields one dubbed Iraq and another dubbed jungle. Both natural fields are currently under construction and will be outfitted with objective points, prop military installments and bridges/bunkers/deadfalls/and various equipment for your enjoyment. The field dubbed “jungle” is very green and currently includes long patches of switch grass, bamboo, and natural wetland foliage. The field dubbed “Iraq” has been used in films and television programs as Iraqi back country. As it stands it is a dry valley with naturally cut and manmade trails leading to a large objective campsite.
The fields will be coming to fruition before the beginning of summer and will be available to the public within the next few weeks. For this Park and its containing fields The owner and myself would strongly recommend a kit that includes warm/cold weather battle dress uniforms(days are warm and evening light drops behind the mountain early), weatherproofed boots, plenty of water, plenty of ammunition, extra charged batteries/gas, radios for communication (the field is between 2 mountains and cell receptions is sparse), Light/Medium/ heavy load out, the fields are very different and different kits will prove advantageous, snacks or food for your enjoyment, and finally your team/squad/platoon because airsoft is always more fun with friends.
The Field Regulations are as follows:
Biodegradable BBs only, additional Bio BBs will be available at the check-in area
Maximum FPS limit is 400FPS for AEGs/automatic weapons with a 15 foot engagement distance
Maximum FPS limit for bolt action rifles is 550FPS with a 100 foot minimum engagement distance.
Full face covering mask is required whenever a player is on the field
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Re: Patriot Airsoft Games Canyon Country

Postby scourge118 » Thu May 12, 2011 3:22 am

more details on address and cost?
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