Vacaville Airsoft- $10 Events every Saturday and Sunday

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Vacaville Airsoft- $10 Events every Saturday and Sunday

Postby Ronnokk94 » Thu Jul 14, 2011 1:40 am

Vacaville Airsoft is an airsoft field in Vacaville California. Situated on 20 acres of beautiful rolling hills, the field is focused on providing a fun, safe, and family friendly airsoft experience.

We host games every Saturday and Sunday, playing from 10:00AM until ~6PM.

All that is required to play at our field is a signed waiver (parent signature if under 18). We have masks, glasses, and other face protection available to rent for $1. We have a flush toilet located next to the staging area.

The only cost to play is a $10 donation, all of which goes into field upkeep and food. For the $10 donation you get:

Free water bottles
Free lunch
Full day of play

Some of the features of our field:
Bunkers, Foxholes, Sandbags, a large tunnel system carved through berry bushes, pallets forts, natural tree/canopy cover, log barriers, and a large and small CQB field.

You are also welcome to watch movies and occasionally play video games on our large movie theater projector located in the staging area.

For more information, questions, or to contact our staff, please visit, like us on Facebook Vacaville Airsoft | Facebook or PM me!





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