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General Airsoft FAQ

Postby cat61986 » Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:38 pm

(copied from the ASGI website)

Gun Operation

What is the different in voltage and mah?

The voltage is basically rating the power of the battery; higher voltage will have more power to push stronger springs. The mah is a measurement of endurance. The higher the number in milliamp hours, the longer the battery can supply the juice. Upgraded guns need higher strength (voltage) and capacity (mah) batteries.

What are the differences between large battery pack and small battery pack?

The large battery packs use large battery cells to make the battery cell. The small battery packs use small battery cells to make the battery cell. Large battery packs are use on guns with fixed stocks or any space that will allow it to fit; such as the TM M16A2, AE Mp5A4. The small battery packs are use in guns that have limited space to put the battery; usually small battery packs are use in guns with retractable stocks; such as the TM M4A1, AE Mp5A5. The large battery will give you longer game playing time and suitable for upgraded gun. The other difference between the large battery pack and the small battery pack is the type of connector on the end.

How do you charge a battery?

First, find your battery’s voltage and mah number. Second find your charger’s voltage and mah out-put. Third, divide the battery’s mah by the charger’s mah then charge the battery according with your calculation. Always discharge your battery with a discharger (you can buy it from local hobby store) before charging to maintain max battery life. Last, make sure you do not over charge your battery; it will kill the battery.

What is hop-up?

Hop up refers to the putting a spin on the bb so as to stop the bb from curving up or diving down at the end of its trajectory. There is a hole at the end of the barrel close to the gearbox, and a membrane that fits over the hole, called the bucking. A lever assembly, called the hop up, pushes down on the bucking, causing the bucking to descend into the barrel, where the bb will hit it and cause it to spin once it is fired.

If you have a jam, you should stop firing ( do not pull the trigger). You will strip the piston, gears, etc.. That is not under warranty, it is a user misuse. You will need to take out your unjam rod and clear the jam first, before firing it again.


What are the different kinds of optical sights?

Iron sights – These come standard on almost all airsoft guns, general sight range, line up the front and rear sight to aim. Red dot – These are sights that attach to rail units on SMGs and rifles, they are designed for quick target acquisition and generally hold the saying “where the dot is where your bullet will land.” Scope – These are sights with magnification, generally designed for scouting and long range shooting from “sniper rifle” AEGs and spring rifles.

What is MOLLE?

Pronounced “Molly,” it stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment. Usually in the form of a vest, but can also be utilized on backpacks and other equipment, it features rows of heavy duty stitched nylon to allow different kinds of attachments for personal customization. For example, instead of buying a cross-draw vest that only allows you to have a certain number of magazine pouches on it, you can buy a MOLLE vest and load up as many as 6 magazine pouches or other types of accessories. If you don’t carry a lot of magazines, but need a lot of pistol or utility pouches on your vest, you can swap the magazine pouches out for whatever accessory you need. With a MOLLE vest, you are fully flexible to every kind of tactical situation.

What are the different kinds of slings?

The basic types of slings consist of 1-point slings (MOUT sling), 2-point slings, and 3-point slings. A 1-point sling is basically a loop connected to one point of the gun. A 2-point sling is a sling that connects to a point in the front and a point in the rear of the gun. A 3-point sling is like a 2-point sling (they connect to a point in the front and a point in the rear), but has a central loop around the body that allows for the airsoft gun to be rigid against your body when not in use.

What other forms of gear can I get other than MOLLE?

We sell crossdraw vests, assault packs of all sizes, drop leg holsters, tactical kneepads, and more.

Game Play

What is Close Quarter Battle/Combat?

Usually CQB or CQC involves enemy engagement of less than 10 feet. It is very fast paced and is set in a mock urban environment.

What is Field combat?

This is a form of play that is fought on a large open field, ranging from open desert to full forest; many scenario games are played in this format.


What kinds of magazines are compatible with gun?

We recommend you go to’s magazine section. There you can see which brand of magazine is recommended for what gun.

What kind of B.B.’s should I use with my gun?

ALWAYS use 0.20 gram or higher on your airsoft gun. NEVER use those cheap B.B.’s that you can buy at sporting goods stores (0.12 gram). We highly recommend the brands Airsoft Elite, PHX, or non-biodegradable Excel B.B.’s, especially for high end airsoft guns or airsoft guns with precision or tight-bore barrels.


How do I transport my airsoft gun?

ALWAYS transport an airsoft gun in a rifle bag, in the trunk, with the magazine out of the airsoft gun, and the safety on.

What kind of protection do I need for airsoft?

We recommend that you always have full face protection in both CQB (Close Quarter Battle) and outdoors. Also, remember to always cover your skin with long sleeves and pants.
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